Day #24 House Cleaning Challenge

Do you have any areas in your house where to tolerate the mess?  For me it’s closets.  My bedroom closet was disorganized, and I really didn’t know how to fix the war zone mess.  But today, I was determined to get in there and find a solution!

Here’s where I started:


After major straightening, vacuuming the floor and discarding some items, it looks like this:


In the left bottom corner of this picture you can see part of a blue Tote.
Inside that were all my purses.  It was impossible to get to one without
dumping all of them into the floor, due to the fact that the closet doors don’t open
to the width of the entire closet.

Yikes!  The shoe rack and floor were a disaster!

So, I went on Pinterest to research purse organization and I found this lovely idea:

This is not my closet shelf (I wish it was!) but this inspired me.


It was hard to get a good picture of this, but I had a shelf in my basement that I wasn’t using, so I scooted some things over in my closet and made room for this three tiered shelf inside.  It’s perfect for purses, backpacks and my overnight bag!  This will make finding a purse much easier!

Oh, and an extra bonus of my cleaning today was finding a $12.97 gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond and just under $2.00 in change!

But for real, the greatest benefit is opening those doors and seeing everything clean and in order!

Did you take the challenge today?  What did you accomplish?

With love,

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