Freshen Up Friday

One way I try to keep my heart stirred and close to the Lord is by listening to good radio broadcasts while I’m getting ready in the morning.  The other day after listening to Revive Our Hearts’ program, they said there was a video that went along with what they had just aired.  I was still fixing my hair, and needed a way to keep my phone propped up so I could see the video.  Then it hit me!  I had seen (I think it was on Pinterest) a really clever item that would make a great phone holder; a cassette tape case!

I ran to the box of old tapes that were on their way out of the house (we don’t even own a cassette player anymore!) and set my phone inside the case.  It was perfect!  My phone could sit up so I could see the video and I could continue to get ready for the day!

Here’s the old cassette case in its new function:

Simply flip the case back so the lid is on the table 
and slide the phone into the place where the tape 
would originally have been placed.

It’s great to have a place to put your phone – whether or not you’re watching a video.  It will keep it from getting wet or from getting knocked into the floor.  What a great idea!  Hope this will freshen up your phone use!

Today is Graduation Day for our Alli!  We’re so excited to see her march down to get her diploma. I am going to cry.  No doubt.  All graduations get to me – it’s such a milestone.  Mix all that with the joy of Alli’s completion and our joy in all that’s going on in her life.  Bring on the Puffs.  God is so good and I praise Him for the blessing of this special day!

Be refreshed as you head to church Sunday to be faithful to your local church.

With love,

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