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What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

Last week during the busyness of packing, I was thankful to have my menu in place. I did these tacos and cooked the taco meat in the crock pot. It was great to literally have to do nothing but occasionally break up the meat with a potato masher! The addition of the beans and corn were delicious!

Simply put the meat in the crock pot and break it up into small pieces. Turn the crock pot on low for a couple of hours. I added about 1/4 Cup water to the meat after about an hour, to keep it from drying out. Occasionally use a potato masher to break up the meat into small pieces. Drain. Add taco seasoning, corn and black beans to the meat.

I’ve just started using corn tortillas. These are more thin than some – I don’t care for the thick ones. I spray my non-stick pan with Pam and then I also spray the tortilla.  Let it cook on one side until it gets nice and brown, then flip it over. At this point, I add the filling and cheese, then fold it over and let it crisp up a bit.

To serve, top with tomatoes and sour cream.

Having the filling ready literally made this a 15 minute meal!

I’ve been thinking about the first meal I’ll make in our new home. I think I at least have the dessert idea! I saw Pioneer Woman make an Apple Tart on her show this weekend and it looks incredible, as well as simple! Check this out!

I’m also eating a bit of humble pie today. I’ve been so excited that this was our scheduled moving week. HOWEVER, (there’s always a “however” on house closings!), right now it looks like we could be on hold for up to six weeks. Unless, of course the Lord moves in and opens the door both figuratively and in reality. We are waiting for one piece of paper to be filed. I’m trying to think of all the great things I’m going to get accomplished in this time. I need to make the most of this and not sulk. After ten years of waiting, what’s six more weeks? Who knows, I might even get in some serious cooking while we wait! If I do, I’ll share it next Monday on What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage. If we move, you’ll see a whole new post here next Monday!

Happy cooking!

With love and a waiting heart,

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