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Freshen Up Friday

Nothing refreshes me like a beautiful view! When we moved into our house I already had a vision for where I wanted my desk. Since the views are so beautiful from the windows, I knew I needed to be where I could see outside. My sweet little white desk is in the corner of the living room beside the window. I am beside the fireplace and next to the view outside. It can’t get any prettier!

Here’s my daytime view:

If you don’t have a window but need a one, why not  hang a piece of stained glass and place a light behind it?

Or hang a neat old window there and then decorate it attractively. Maybe a picture or two or three in the panes:

Old Window Panes
Another pretty use of a window:

Old window shelf & hat rack
Old window photo display. It's about more than golfing,  boating,  and beaches;  it's about a lifestyle  KW  http://pamelakemper.com/area-fun-blog.html?m

Old windows can be found easily. Scoot yourself closer to one of your home’s windows, or create one just where you need it!

Be refreshed,

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