A Peek From My Porch

The recent storms and winds did a real number on my pineapple garden flag. A rip started, then a hole was the final result…sadness.  A friend had told me that Pinterest had some great ideas on burlap flags, so alas and alack, I headed to search out an idea.  I gathered some thoughts and then headed to my favorite place – Hobby Lobby!  

I bought 1/2 yard of burlap and some Chevron fabric.  I couldn’t find a monogram stencil large enough, so this was how I improvised…

A bowl and a plate served as my guide to make my “C.”  The larger bowl served as the outside of the letter and the small plate took care of the inside of the C.  Here was the next part in the process…

I cut the burlap to 16 inches long and about 12 inches wide.  I raveled the edges about 1/2 ” in, then ran a straight stitch on my machine to keep it from raveling any further.  I turned down the top a couple of inches to make the pocket for the flag pole.

First I basted the letter onto the burlap so it would stay in place, then I did an applique stitch (a tiny zig zag) all the way around the C.

For the bottom edge, I simply made strips 2″ wide and sewed them on with the applique stitch.

The burlap bow I added is attached with a giant safety pin and attached underneath the opening of where the flag pole is inserted.  That way when Thanksgiving is over, I can simply replace the orange bow with a festive red.  I’ll attach some greenery to the flag pole, and it will be all dressed for Christmas without having to make another flag!

This was a really simple project that took about an hour to complete.  Are you inspired?  I hope you’ll make one!  Get creative!  You don’t have to do a monogram – trace patterns of holly leaves, a Christmas tree or stocking from simple coloring book pictures.You could also ruffle the bottom fabric.  These are so inexpensive.  I’ll hope you’ll try it!

From my country porch,

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