The Heart of a Pastor

There is a cartoon drawing my husband and I saw years ago that we have laughed at and referenced many times. Let me set it up for you:

A pastor is in his home at dinner time. He’s standing before his family behind a pulpit that is near the table. His wife and children are seated at the table and he says, “Before we eat, I have a few announcements I need to make.”

It’s hilarious to us, because, though it’s hard to imagine, that is often how people view their pastor’s family. They are different in some way. He is not a normal kind of man with normal pleasures, temptations, likes and dislikes. Could a pastor enjoy a football game on television wearing his jeans and team sweatshirt? Would he ever get angry with his wife or children? Would he ever wish he could stay home when there’s a church event scheduled? Does he ever get down?

Recently I came across an article, written by a pastor. It’s entitled 20 Things You Should Know About Your Pastor. It is written by Cary Schmidt who writes a blog entitled, Encouraging Words. Here are his words of wisdom:

Here are twenty things I believe are true about most pastors I know. I hope you will work together with your pastor for the good of the gospel!

1. He loves God and you a lot. (Be mindful.)

2. He is a painfully limited human being. (Be realistic.)

3. He probably has a pretty low view of his “performance”. (Be kind.)

4. He wishes he were a better preacher. (Be awake.)

5. He really does want God’s best for you and your family. (Be open-hearted.)

6. His work knows no time or locational boundaries. (Be patient.)

7. He hears much more negative information than positive. (Be encouraging.)

8. He has chosen a vocation in which few remain. (Be praying.)

9. He has chosen a highly leadership-intensive call. (Be lead-able.)

10. He needs help. (Be available.)

11. His God-given vision is bigger than himself and the church. (Be faith-filled.)

12. He wants to personally meet all the needs, but knows he can’t. (Be understanding.)

13. He’s going to say some dumb things every now and then. (Be forgiving.)

14. His family is patient with you, so be patient with them. (Be conscientious.)

15. He is greatly encouraged by your faithfulness. (Be there.)

16. He is passionate for God’s Word to be made practical to you. (Be hungry.)

17. He longs for church to be your spiritual oasis. (Be loving.)

18. He dreams for your and your family’s spiritual health. (Be receptive.)

19. He needs to hear that you prayed for him. (Be interceding.)

20. He’s just a regular guy. (Be real.)

This list is all TRUE. So while you sit at your dinner table tonight and laugh, talk and have your family time talking about your day, know that your pastor and his wife are doing the very same thing (and without the use of a pulpit in the kitchen!).

Thanks for listening and reading so you can better pray!

With love from my pastor’s wife heart,

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