A Peek From My Porch

If you were to peek into my kitchen or hallway you’d see a new wreath and arrangement I made last week. About this time of the winter the blues can come – not just to your heart, but also to your home. Because the Christmas florals have been put away, things are kind of blah everywhere.

Now is a time to take a trip to a silk floral department to pick up a few sprigs of fresh looking flowers to brighten up your home! That’s what I did last week. I saw that Hobby Lobby had their florals half price, so I knew the time was right! I bought three bunches of flowers and spent $16. It was enough to make both a wreath and a centerpiece! Eight dollars for each silk arrangements is pretty good, I’d say!

Don’t just take the picks and stuff them into a wreath or vase. Get a pair of wire cutters and cut the sprigs apart. It may take some muscle, but it will look much prettier. Here are the results of my efforts:

I like a free form kind of look with the smaller flowers spilling down over the side of the vase.

This wreath hangs on the guest bath door. I heard a designer say it’s a good idea to hang a wreath on the door of the guest bath so you can say to your guests, “The bathroom is the room down the hall with the wreath on the door.” That way they know what to be looking for and don’t embarrass themselves by stepping into the wrong room – or a closet!

I chose not to hot glue the flowers onto my wreath. I made a little bouquet, holding the stems in my hand and arranged them, then I tied that bouquet onto the grapevine. It will be simple to redo this when I get the whim to do so!

The fabric heart was made from scraps I had leftover from my chair slipcovers.

I traced a heart-shaped cookie cutter onto the wrong side of the fabric, sewed it 3/4 the way around. Then I turned it right side out and stuffed it with cotton balls, and finished by stitching up the opening by hand.

Is there a place in your house that could use a little sprig of flowers to chase away the winter blues? Thanks for stopping for a peek from my porch!

With love,

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