Calling Out Their Name

There is a page in my prayer journal for each day of the week to pray for lost souls. Every Tuesday for about five years, I have prayed for the family of a man who was in our church. His name was Arley. He died of cancer and went to heaven, burdened for his daughter and son-in-law, with whom he was living. While he was still alive, Arley’s grandson attended VBS at our church and trusted Christ as his Savior, to the great joy of this dear man! However, because his mother and father were not believers, the young lad was forbidden to come back to church, hindering his spiritual growth and knowledge this new-found relationship.

My heart hurt for Arley. He loved his family and desired that they know and love His Savior, and have the assurance of a home in heaven. The Lord placed the burden to pray for his family on my own heart after he went home to be with the Lord. How the Lord would work, or how He would reach this family, I did not know, but I have prayed.

Last Wednesday I met with a couple of friends, so that we might spend time together in prayer. One of the ladies asked prayer for a lady she had recently met at a local business in our city.

“She needs the Lord! Oh! She said her father had attended our church before he died of cancer.”

After giving a little more detail and description, my eyes widened, and then welled up with tears as I realized that the Lord had put my friend in the path of Arley’s daughter! My friend faithfully gave her the Gospel, and is endeavoring to stay in contact with her. I was so in awe of this! God was answering my prayer, and He even let me get a little glimpse of how He is doing it. What a wonderful blessing!

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anything like this! It’s easy to just “go over the list” of names each day as I pray, without really considering that person in depth, and then watching with expectancy to see the answer! It’s too easy to just spit out names. It can become like doing roll-call at day camp, rather than asking the Lord to intervene in their lives today, or send someone to witness to them now.

I’m not sure who has been more affected by my friend’s encounter with Arley’s daughter; the daughter or me, but I pray it will lead her to Christ, and I pray that my prayer life will be all the stronger because of it. This was a wonderful reminder that my God hears! My God answers! My God is at work, and I need to be praying and then watching to see how He is working!

Don’t doubt that the one you are praying for isn’t being affected by your prayers! God is at work in their life! Keep calling out their name while you’re on your knees for them!

The other great reminder in this story, is that you and I might be the one God uses to be the answer to someone else’s prayer! Be ready today to share the Gospel with whomever God puts in your path!

With love,

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