A Peek From my Porch

I love all my pins on Pinterest for springtime, but realistically I know I can’t buy or make everything on that board.  What I do is look for inspiration.  I’ll take what I have, move it around, and come up with my version of that look.  Here’s what I’ve done so far…

That little bunny was found at the Dollar Tree!
I’m borrowing the candlesticks until someone gets a home to put them in! Thanks, Alli!

This adorable tray was in another room, but for now it’s on my dining room table, along with
my sweet little birdcage and my potted herbs.

The entryway 
I borrowed this greenery from another room and added the bird’s nest that had been abandoned a few years ago.

My chalkboard signs – Jesus lives within my heart.
This is on top of the fridge

The only thing I purchased was the dollar bunny!  I love that!  Shopping at home is fun and fulfillling!

I also have a couple pictures on my phone from window displays at the mall I was at this week.  I’m hoping to use one of the ideas for my Easter table! 

Where do you get your decorating inspiration?  

From my country porch,

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