The Reason for Cat Haters

I have the sweetest kitty.  You’ve seen her lots of times here on my blog.  Take another look at a recent photo and you’ll surely agree that she is so adorable.

She loves to sit on these bar stools and peek through with her furry little face and green eyes.  But  every now and then…

she’ll plop over on her side and reach out her paw, claws extended, and grab any unsuspecting person passing by.  If you’re not watching she could hurt you!  I think that’s the reason some dog lovers don’t like cats – they can turn on you.  Sweet one minute and scratching and hissing the next.

Hmmmm, remind you of any people you know?  Maybe yourself at times?  Yeah, I can see the “cat” coming out in me more often than I care to admit.  Things are going well;  purr, purr.  We like the way people are treating us; purr, purr.  This is a good day; purr, purr. Then… what?!  Someone crossed us?! Someone dare do or say something that we didn’t like?!  Out come the claws in the form of words and actions.  We arch our back and huff off, not realizing that we’ve left another person in our path wounded.  It may have been our child, our husband, a co-worker or a church member, but it matters not – they came too close, and they paid the penalty! “That will teach them!”

The sad thing is that, like mean cats, mean people drive others away.  No one likes a cat that turns on them on a regular basis.  People will stiff-arm us, too, if we are in the habit of turning on them like a cat!  A Christlike character will be longsuffering, not repaying evil for evil.  Proverbs reminds us over and over that even too many words can destroy.

I want Liza to turn cat haters into cat lovers because of her sweet nature.  She serves as a daily reminder to me not to imitate her occasional moodiness.  I watch her and  reminded of the importance of keeping my claws turned inward and my hisses to myself! How about you? ^..^

 Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: 
even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.
Colossians 3;13

With love,

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