Freshen Up Friday

HaPpY  JuLy 4Th!

On this special Friday in the United States, you have lots of fun ways to freshen up this day!
  • Decorate your mantle or shelf in a patriotic theme

  • Fly your flag!  Why not take your children outside and say the pledge to the flag?!
  • Wear red, white and Blue – Try wearing denim and white, then painting your fingernails red!
  • Serve red, white and blue pancakes – Add blueberries to the batter.  After they’re baked, top with strawberries and whipped cream.
  • Draw something patriotic on your chalkboard.
  • Buy some sparklers for after dark.
  • Eat every meal outside today.
  • Find a parade to attend.
  • Play patriotic music and lead your children in marching around the house!
How I thank God for our freedom.  He is the Giver of it, and we should above all else we do today, stop and thank the Lord for our liberty!

As you celebrate our nation’s birthday,
Be refreshed,

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