Keep Your Head Where it Belongs

Last weekend when I was walking early in the morning, I passed this cute little cow.  It stopped eating long enough to give me the once-over and allow me to snap her picture, then proceeded to finish its breakfast.

I smiled, spoke a greeting to her, and thought of another cow that I’d seen just the night before as we headed home.  Its head was poked through the fence where it was munching on the one bunch of grasses just outside the pasture where she was corralled.  I heard my husband chuckle as we passed. My thoughts were, “Silly cow,  why can’t you just eat all that good grass around you?”  Her head was twisted uncomfortably under the barbed wire fence in order to have the snack outside the safe field.  That cow probably had ten thousand good pieces of grasses to feed on, but she chose the one kept from her.

In my morning walking time, I was listening to a song entitled, “Hide Away in the Love of Jesus.”  The last chorus says,

Come, hopeless hearts, do not despair 
Hide away in the love of Jesus
For ten thousand joys await you there 
Hide away in the love of Jesus

After passing the cow, I thought about how often I “stick my head through the fence” to gnaw on the “one bunch of grasses” that my loving Father has removed from me.  He doesn’t want me nibbling on it.  It could be a past grievance that will destroy me if I chew on it.  Or it might be a sin that is under the blood.  The Lord says, “Keep your head over here in the ten thousand joys of my presence!  Don’t chew on things that won’t draw you to me.”

How much sweeter to think on the ten thousand joys than the one bitter thought!  Maybe keeping the picture in my mind of the silly cow with her head twisted unnaturally will remind me to keep my head where it belongs…in the love and joys of Jesus.

Do you tend to stick your head out there to gnaw on things you shouldn’t be thinking about?  Things that will hurt you?  See the barbed wire fence of your Savior restricting you from those thoughts, and “chew” on His goodness instead!

Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report, 
if there be any virtue, and there be any praise, think on these things.  
Philippians 4:8

With love,

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