My Cherith

God’s servants need a time away to learn to listen and depend on His strength, and not their own.  I’ve been studying a lot recently about Elijah and his time in Cherith.  Elijah had just had a heady experience telling the wicked King Ahab that no rain would fall until God spoke again. How exhilarating.  How wonderful to be used to speak for God!

Immediately after, God sends Elijah to the brook Cherith.  He is to be alone for more than a year.  He would have no one to talk to but his God.  God fed him miraculously.  He was hidden there…not so much from King Ahab, but possibly from himself.  Elijah needed the humility of the Cherith to prepare him for the next adventure.  Perhaps God saw Elijah as too equipped; too able.  He needed to realize he was nothing and that God was everything.

God gives us a Cherith, too.  It may be a long period of time in which we are desperate for God to work, to answer, to supply in a miraculous way.  Some of our “Cherith” times are short-lived, but just as effective in getting our attention.

This is what a “Migraine Cherith” looks like from my perspective.

For me, migraines have been my “Cherith” times.  They are the force that causes me to be still, to wait on strength that only the Lord can revive.  I need these thirsty situations.  Without them I would be too dependent on my own resources and abilities.  How empty that would be!  But my Cherith times cause me to think on my God, of how powerful He is, and of how much I need Him!

I hate migraines, but I love the Cherith to which it brings me!  I love it when God whispers to me in the quiet.  He is near when I can’t even bear to hear another’s voice speak because it hurts my head.  God’s voice is precious and healing.  Here in my Cherith, I am healed.  I am made ready for the next adventure, and I will go in His strength, because I have learned that mine is so faulty.

Thank the Lord for the Cherith He brings into your life and listen to His voice and receive from His hand the provision He brings.  It is full of miracles and wonder.

With love,

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