Freshen Up Friday

I love summer produce, don’t you?!  We chanced upon a lovely stand last weekend where they were selling fresh corn on the cob.  Yum!  I bought more than we needed, knowing that I wanted to freeze some for later!  This week when I went to cut it off the cob, I remembered a little tip I’d seen on a cooking show to keep the kernels from popping literally all over the floor!  Have you seen this…

(I blanched the corn first)

Set the corn cob on the middle part of a bundt or tube pan, then cut the kernels off.  They will fall (for the most part) into the bundt pan and not all over the counter!  It’s a genius idea!

Then spread the corn onto a baking sheet and freeze for about 15 minutes.  The kernels will then be ready to pop into a freezer bag until you’re ready to use it!

So if you’re planning on freezing corn, freshen up your kitchen by using this little trick!

What do you do with summer produce?  

Be refreshed,

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