Planning this Year of Marriage

I married a guy whose middle name is spontaneity.  His idea of planning ahead is figuring out what you’re going to do in the next hour and making preparations in about 45 minutes.

He married a planner.  I like everything penciled into my planner book ahead of time…way ahead of time.  I enjoy anticipating the event and preparing for it early enough that I can think it through ` a lot.  We’re an interesting mix.

I would guess that there’s one planner and one spontaneous person in your marriage, too.  The Lord knows we need one another to balance the other out.  He needs my planning skills, and I need to relax a bit.

With the new year just before us, I have begun to think a bit about next year as a married couple.  I’m making some plans ~ such as:

  • The number of our anniversary – is it one that needs to be highlighted in a special way? 
  • A couple of years ago we saw 12-12-12; is there an unusual date like that on which we could celebrate? 
  • When would be a good time to take our vacation this year?  Where could we go?
  • How old will Dale be this year?  Do I need to make special plans for his birthday?
  • When is a retreat being held that could we attend as a couple so we could strengthen our marriage?
  • Are there other couples with whom we could develop a friendship and invite into our home?
  • What books on marriage should I read this year?
  • How could we do better with intentional time together?  
  • What dates do we need to schedule into our calendar right now?
These are things that I hope to talk to Mr. S. about in the next few days.  Then we’ll put it in pencil on our calendars and relax about how much of it actually happens just as it was planned.  

So, who are you…the planner or the spontaneous person?  What kind of things are you planning into your marriage this year?

2 thoughts on “Planning this Year of Marriage

  1. I need to plan for the unexpected! Like keeping Micah while his other grandmother has sickness in the house. (This was supposed to be my OFF day.) Then there is Keith's crazy schedule, with 4 overtimes in his “week OFF”. At least we knew ahead on most of these.)


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