Watch your step

I’m excited to have a guest on the blog today! This post is written by my friend and Nova Scotia traveling companion, Kellie Price. I was eager to hear what the Lord taught her on our trip. Her insight is thought-provoking with a great visual to remind us of an important truth!

Denise has graciously invited me to share with you some of what I learned as a result of our trip to Nova Scotia.  This trip was such a blessing to me in so many ways! One blog post is not enough to tell you everything that I learned, so I will share one visual that God used to teach me a lesson… “muck”.

No picture can adequately describe how thick the muck was!

As you may have already heard Denise mention, we added a new word to our vocabulary while in Nova Scotia… mucky”.  I can say that I have never really seen anything quite like the muck that resulted from the melting snow that they were experiencing in Nova Scotia.  The dirt roads leading in to the camp were challenging to travel on at times and some of the cars even got stuck in the muck at camp.  Denise and I walked through the muck every time we left our chalet to head to the main building.  We were prepared by bringing boots…but you know by now where the boots were! So, we pulled up our skirts and trudged through the muck!

Doesn’t Denise look so cute in her red galoshes that one of the sweet ladies let her borrow??? She’s quick to point out that she did not teach in them 😉

So, why am I telling you about the muck? It’s just thick, sloshy mud, right? Well, yes…but there was a lesson to be learned from walking through the muck. (We learned a lot of lessons on this trip…and are thankful for each and every one!) Getting from Point A to Point B was challenging.  You had to be very careful of each step, always strategically looking for the best place to step next. You could become so focused on watching your feet and the area immediately surrounding you that you weren’t really watching where you were ultimately headed.  If you weren’t careful, you would look up and realize that you had put yourself right in the middle of a big, mucky mess with nowhere to go.  The danger of looking only at your feet and the muck around you was that you couldn’t see the bigger picture of where you were ultimately headed and the best path from here to there.

Trudging through the muck one step at a time

Isn’t that just exactly how life is sometimes??? We get so focused on our current circumstances and what is going on at that exact moment that we can lose sight of the bigger picture.  We should be focused on Christ and allowing Him to lead us…showing us what the “next right step” is.  Why? Because He already has a path laid out for us and He sees the bigger picture!  He knows what we are currently facing and where we are headed.  He knows what plans He has for our life and how He is using each circumstance that we face to prepare us for what lies ahead.  When we take our eyes off of Him, we become so focused on our current circumstances that we can get ourselves into a big, mucky mess where we can’t even see the next right step.

Another discovery was that when you were walking with someone, it was wise to follow in their footsteps and work together to find the best route from Point A to Point B.  Denise and I learned to work together to find the best path.  One of us may have been looking down finding the next right step, but the other one was looking further ahead warning of what to look out for while following in her footsteps.  How wonderful it is that in life God gives us friends and family to accompany us on our journeys! I have been blessed to be surrounded with friends and family who are walking on this journey of life with me.  Denise is one of those friends! God has used her to help me along my journey by praying for me, mentoring me and sharing what she has learned along the way.  Do you know what else she does? She cares enough to tell me when she sees me headed for (or already in the middle of) a big, mucky mess.  She helps me to keep my focus on Christ and not my circumstances.  She reminds me that, when I can’t see beyond my circumstances, God sees the bigger picture and He has a plan for my life.  Sometimes these things are hard to do, but she is a true friend…and a true friend will always point you toward Christ!

                Denise leading the way

How about you? Do you ever find yourself focusing on your circumstances instead of Christ and find yourself in a mucky mess? I do! But I’m thankful that I have a Savior who is much bigger than the mucky messes I find myself in…and I’m thankful that He has also surrounded me with friends and family who will point me back to Him! Do you have a friend who helps you to avoid the mucky messes in life by constantly pointing you toward Christ? Are you that kind of friend to others?

I Chronicles 16:11 says… “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.”

If we are consistently seeking him, we will avoid those mucky messes that life can bring!  But…even when we do find ourselves in the muck, God can use those circumstances to teach us and cause us to grow.  For this reason, we can be thankful…even for the muck!

So, let’s focus on Christ so we can take the next right step…and care enough to help point each other toward Christ along the way!

~ Kellie

20 thoughts on “Watch your step

    1. Thank you, Arlene! It is definitely easy to get off track very quickly. I am so thankful for those who God has placed in my life who help keep me on track and seeking Him!


  1. Wow, what a great post! Who knew there were so many lessons to be learned from muck? Here in New England we just call it “mud” and we have an entire season dedicated to it. (It probably goes without saying that this 5th season is my least favorite.) Our daughter and son-in-law live on a dirt road which becomes a sea of mud as the snow melts and the frost comes out of the ground. No joke, the mud on that road can be 6 to 8 inches deep. So I have a very good idea of what muck is like.

    Kellie, thank you so much for sharing! I think I am going to print this out so I can read it over again and again. There is so much encouragement and exhortation here that I can’t absorb it all in just one reading. I will be sharing some of this with my Sunday School ladies, for sure!

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    1. Thank you! I am so glad that this was an encouragement to you. I’m sure that you can really relate to the analogy since you know what muck is like! It’s so wonderful that God can use even things like muck to teach us valuable lessons. I’m so grateful for the lessons that He taught me through this!


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  3. What a wonderful post, Kellie! Thank you for sharing. I can totally relate to this illustration in my own life. I’m thankful you are one of those friends for me that points me back to Christ!

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    1. Thank you, Melissa! I am also thankful that you are one of the friends who is always pointing me back to Christ as well!!! It makes me think back to the Wilds retreat that we went to when the speaker said to surround ourselves with friends who would point us to Christ. I’m so thankful for each and every friend He has given me who are so faithful to point me to Him.


  4. What a blessing this was to my heart this morning. Just what i needed to read this morning. God has been challenging recently about my friendships. Am I pointing others to Christ?. Do others see Christ in me.?ank you so much for sharing.

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    1. Hi Mandy! I am so glad that God used this lesson that He taught me to be a blessing and a challenge to you. I pray that you are surrounded by this type of friends and that you are that kind of friend to them as well!


  5. Thank you, Christina! I’m so glad that the lesson God taught me could be a blessing to you. I am thankful that you are also one of those friends who points me to Christ!


  6. Hi Denise and Kellie – What a great time of fellowship and learning we had at camp this year! Denise your messages spoke to our hearts and we went away with a new appreciation for the women in the Bible you spoke on and how we can look at ourselves. As always you were a delight! Kellie your post was just what I needed to read today – God knew just when I needed to go to Denise’s post to catch up on her blog. Isn’t His timing wonderful!!!
    Thanks again ladies for your willingness to come to us and to trudge through the muck with a great attitude! Irma


    1. I prayed for you, Lynne, Joyce, Dawn, Cynthia, Jayne and others just this morning, Irma! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Kellie gave great insight on the “muck,” and her post encouraged many, just as her life does!
      It was so wonderful to be back in Nova Scotia with you dear ladies again! You were such a blessing to my heart!


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