What’s Wrong with Waiting Until a Child is Older to Be Saved?

“My five year-old has been asking us so many questions about salvation, and about asking Jesus to forgive their sins, but we’re putting him off right now, because we want to make sure he’s ready.”

I have heard that statement so many times and I can’t tell you how it saddens my heart.  I understand that the parent is fearful that the child won’t remember what he has done, and may have doubts later on, but as I mentioned in an earlier post here, I don’t have a problem with that at all.  Read the post to understand why.

However, I have three reasons why I believe it IS right to allow a child to pray to be saved when they bring up the need to you.

  1. Jesus said, Suffer the children to come unto me and forbid them not. Can it get any clearer?  Don’t hinder them from coming to Christ!  Bring them!  Encourage them to do so. You will be obeying Christ’s command.
  2. A child’s heart is soft when they ask to be saved, but it will harden as they get older.  Why run the risk of them turning away from the Lord?  What a tragedy it would be for a parent to put a child off who is asking to be saved, and then the becomes desensitized towards their spiritual need!
  3. The sooner a person comes to Christ the longer they have to serve Him!
    Short and long candle (animated)
    Think of two candles, one very long and the other very short.  The long candle represents a child and the short, an elderly person.  Often when we have an older person saved in a service we have a huge time of rejoicing, which is definitely worthy of joy to see this heart finally yielded to Christ!  But when a little child gets saved, it’s often given a little nod.  But think of those two candles.  That short candle, representing the older person only has a little time left to “burn” for Christ.  The child, however, has their whole life to make a difference for the Lord in this world!  That reason in itself should make us realize the urgency in bringing little ones to the Savior!

I trust this helps every adult who can influence a child to have a heart for little ones coming while they’re young!  Let’s obey Christ’s command, do it while their heart is soft, so they can use their whole life to serve God!

If you know a parent with little ones who might need this encouragement, feel free to share this article on your Facebook account or Twitter.


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Waiting Until a Child is Older to Be Saved?

  1. I totally agree, Denise, and have heard the same comment from parents. Just last Sunday I used the analogy of understanding all the details concerning the antibiotics we are often prescribed. If you look at that sheet which is included in the medicine, it can be quite overwhelming. Yet, all we really need to do is trust that it will do what the doctor who prescribed it said it would do. There may be a time when that information becomes understandable, but it’s not necessary to benefit from it. Likewise, there is much more to salvation and our life in Christ that a child (and most adults) will not understand, but that does not prevent one from the benefit of simply trusting Christ to do what he said he would if we claim him as Lord, ask for forgiveness of our sins, and receive Him into our lives to live for him each day. There may come a day when we understand more about the Bible, theology, etc., but our salvation isn’t dependent on that deeper understanding

    The object lesson you shared is one of my favorites and one I shared with Brad the night he accepted Christ. The next morning when he got up, he asked, “how much longer do I have to live for Jesus?” –sigh!


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