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Taming the Laundry Pile


Happy Friday, friends!  Maybe you love Friday, until you look in your laundry baskets and find them all overflowing with dirty clothes, towels and kitchen linens from the previous week.  Now this weekend you’ll spend most of Saturday getting caught up, knowing that in three days, it’s going to be flowing out into the hallway again!

Please forgive me if I’ve shared this already (I searched my blog and couldn’t find it, so I feel safe! I’m losing it!).  One little thing I’ve begun doing in the last six months EVEN WITH JUST THE TWO OF US IN OUR HOUSE is doing one load of laundry every day.  I alternate between dark clothes and whites.  It might not always even be a big load, but if there’s enough to do even a small load, it’s going to be washed. The blessings of doing one load every day are:

  • It only takes a short amount of time to gather that color of laundry.
  • It’s just a little bit of clothes to deal with once it comes out of the dryer.
  • I don’t have a whole day where I’m dealing with laundry all day long!
  • The clothes get back into the closet/drawer quickly, so they’re ready when needed.
  • It’s become a part of my morning routine as soon as I get up.  I throw them in when I feed my kitty (her dishes are in the laundry room).  By the time I’m finished with my Quiet Time, the clothes are ready for the dryer.  By the time I’m showered and dressed, the clothes are ready to be folded.
Add the word, “Daily” to this sign and you’ll reduce your laundry stress!

I might add that I don’t do laundry on Sunday, but doing it six days a week has been a real help and refreshment!  I hope it will help you, too!

What will you do to refresh your heart this weekend?  I trust you’ll go to a Bible preaching church!

Stay refreshed,

7 thoughts on “Taming the Laundry Pile

  1. I guess I am old school but I like to do all my laundry on one day like my mother did it. I have a big pile of ironing to do in the afternoon and I listen to J Vernon McGee on my ipad while I iron. I like to multitask!! lol…I find any dreaded chore is not so bad when I listen to Dr McGee while I am doing it! This Sunday our Adult Bible Fellowship( aka Sunday School) class will be serving in the nursery so I am hoping I get the infants or toddlers in the first hour then I will head to worship service in the second hour. Our church has lots of young children and that is a blessing so I will not complain about working in the nursery.


  2. Hi Denise. My husband and I just became empty nesters. I am rethinking my whole routine (I struggle with developing routines & schedules). Would you share your morning routine and how you structure you days? You seem so organized and like a wise, efficient time manager from your blog posts. Thank you.


    1. Hi Jenny! I’ve prayed for your new Empty Nest! I trust your adjustment is going well! You asked a good question! How about if I answer your question via a post this week? it’ll be on Tuesday or Wednesday! Thanks so much for reading!


      1. Thank you so much, Denise. The Lord has been faithful to help and encourage us this week. We (and our kids) have had our ups & downs this week, but so thankful for the Lord’s help and the prayers for this new season of life. I will be looking forward to your upcoming posts. God bless 🙂


  3. I tend to do a lot of laundry on Mondays — washing sheets and towels and sort of catching up from the weekend — but I also try to do a load almost every day but Sunday. It really does help so much. Another thing that I use (now — I had not even heard of these until one of my daughters got one and recommended it!) is a laundry sorter. Makes sorting the laundry a breeze, and you can see at a glance if there’s enough to do a load.

    We refreshed our hearts last evening with Christian friends here for supper, and will surely be refreshed again on Sunday in our Bible preaching church!


    1. I love that the fellowship you enjoyed with friends really refreshed you. It’s worth the effort to get together with other believers, isn’t it?!
      Thanks for the idea of the laundry sorter. That would simplify things!


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