How I Spend My Time Each Day


As I was typing the title – “How I spend My Time Each Day” the word spend struck me. Time is like money – it’s given to us to use wisely. It’s our choice to “spend” it on bubble gum or sirloin.

When my girls were in home school, I’d dream about the day when I’d be able to run to Target and the grocery store alone and without the worry of what I needed to help them with, or what school responsibilities were waiting for me when I returned. I loved being with them, but we spent lots of time together and it was fun to have an hour or so by myself. Now that I’m actually in that place in my life, it seems there’s more to do than ever! I find now that more than ever, it’s really important that I organize my week so I can maximize my time and not waste it on trivial things that don’t matter. This is truly an issue I give to the Lord over and over again.

One important step to spending time time wisely is writing out a plan of what I need to accomplish in my daily planner. That usually happens either the night before or first thing in the morning. I also have my menu written out so I know if the meat needs to be thawed, or something put in the crock pot for supper. I can look ahead and see if I need to get a jump start on something that’s coming up later in the week.


So here’s what a typical day looks like (and remember that interruptions that change what we planned are also of the Lord):

  • Rise between 6:00 – 6:30. Some days the Lord wakes me earlier and I try to get up when He does. I believe that’s His prompting that I need those early morning hours with Him. Just this week as I read Mark 1, I was reminded that the Lord got up long before it was day just to spend time with His Father. I believe it was in those prayer times that the Lord Jesus got His direction for the day (v. 35). How else would He have known which town to go to, or who needed Him the most? I must follow His example, if I’m to know how to spend my time each day!
  • Wash face, brush teeth, the FEED THE KITTY!
  • Head to the laundry room to feed Liza. Pick up the laundry load  get it in the washer..
  • Quiet Time. Bible reading, journaling, Bible memory work and prayer time. (This is usually and hour and half or two hours. It’s such a luxury to have this amount of time – I remember the days when I’d be in prayer and I’d have many knocks on my bedroom door. =) That was fine, but it’s a blessing that my only disturbance now is a kitty wanting attention or my husband bringing me coffee!)
  • Walk around 8:00. – I walk close to 3 miles
  • Breakfast
  • Shower, get dressed for the day. While doing that I’m tossing the clothes in the dryer, then folding them after I’m dressed.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • General housecleaning – Each day it’s different tasks, but could include – dusting, wiping down appliances, mopping floor, cleaning glass doors, wiping out oven and fridge, grocery shopping,etc.
  • Lunch
  • Write blog post before supper
  • Work ahead on things coming up – Bible club, speaking engagements, Bible studies, etc.
  • Prepare supper
  • Ministry/ time with my husband in evening

I’ll Quickly show you what each day of the week may hold:

Monday – Rest. After a busy week, I try to sleep in a little and catch up on time with my husband.

Tuesday – Normal routine. Work ahead on projects, if possible.

Wednesday – I found that Wednesday is a good day to devote to “others.” Since Wednesday night night we’re planning on being at church, I just make that the day I think about others all day! If someone needs a card, a call a visit, or a meal made, I try to do that on Wednesday – my Others Day.

Thursday – Aside from my normal routines, this is the afternoon I have Bible club with the neighbor children, so I need to get things out and ready for our 4:00 time together

Friday – I try to work ahead for my blog on Friday. I like to keep Sunday media-free, so I do Monday’s post either on Friday or Saturday.

Saturday – Prepare for Sunday. This may include preparing for having company for dinner. I set the tables, prepare the food and also make sure I’m ready with clothes ironed for the morning.

Sunday – This is the Lord’s day. The only work I do is the meal. I nap after dinner and look forward to being back in church Sunday night!

Extra tips:  

  1. I keep books I’m reading in a couple places in the house, so when I have a few minutes I can read, rather than waste time on my phone or computer.
  2. I keep my memory verse cards at my fingertips so I can take them with me in the car or around the house and review as I’m driving or working on a project at home.
  3. I try to challenge myself to do little 5 minute projects like clean out a drawer, iron linens, or sweep while I’m on the phone, waiting for the coffee to perk, or waiting to head out the door to an appointment.

I confessed a minute ago that I wrestle with wasting time – mostly with with my phone, and it’s something I give to the Lord, but I seldom ever watch television, unless I’m doing something else while watching. I see the benefits of spending my on sirloin, rather than bubble gum!

vs.    Related image

What do you choose?

Do you wrestle with spending your time wisely? What changes need to be made in your routine? The Lord will help you!


6 thoughts on “How I Spend My Time Each Day

  1. Being an empty nester I do try to keep to a schedule to help me get everything done that is on my to do list. Like you, I have a little book on the counter in the kitchen where I keep up with appts, birthdays, etc. And I do have chores I do on certain days of the week. I am trying to implement Thoughtful Thursdays where I make that a day for sending a card and just doing kind things for others. Sunday is also my rest day. I think God gave us Sundays for a reason and we all need them. Thanks for sharing your routine, I always enjoy seeing how others organize their time.


  2. It does seem like when we are empty-nesters that we have a harder time with ordering our day…I think it’s because when we homeschool and have children at home, that determines our schedules. I have recently made some adjustments to my mornings. My pastor-husband likes to leave the house around 8, so I need to get up early to do my exercise first (because I can’t work out on a full stomach) in order to have breakfast ready for him, and then have my quiet time after breakfast and he leaves. I also started doing the thing of throwing in a load of Landry in the mornings and it does really help. Thanks for sharing.


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