Before your Blessing, First This

A Peek at my week will reveal…

Without six weeks of classes, cooking and hard work, there would have been no celebration dinner like we had last Saturday night! All the husbands were invited to join their wives in celebrating the completion of the Six-week course of Apples of Gold. We had seventeen in attendance and had a really sweet time together!

I used fall colors and apples as my theme for the tables as you can see on this one.

apples dinner table

Without a job, there would not be the need for rest on Labor Day! I’m thankful for the Monday we were able to spend at a park with views of the mountains and a lake! It was gorgeous. We had KFC grilled chicken and I brought Mason jars of sweet tea to cool our parched throats. How pretty is a jar of tea at a picnic?!

Sweet tea

Without dark nights there would be no joy of morning! The picture below was taken from my rocking chair at around 7:00 a.m. It was so special to sit there and watch the sky go from black night to the wonderful colors of the morning!

morning porch

After our picnic on Monday we headed further up the mountain to get fresh South Carolina Peaches! These were about the size of baseballs! Without the further drive up the mountain and enduring some steep curves and slopes, we wouldn’t have had the blessing of peaches in our yogurt yesterday morning! It was worth the trip!


Liza surprises me sometimes and enjoys being in my lap while I work at the computer. She’s not really a lap cat, so I’ll take all the attention she’ll give me! Pets are work and take special care, but without them, life wouldn’t be nearly so sweet! She’s a faithful companion!

desk kitty

I hope you see where this post is going. Without hard things there’s no blessing – no reward. Whatever hard thing you’re enduring right now – like

  • early mornings because of job schedules
  • sleepless nights because of a baby
  • interruptions in life because of illness
  • waiting instead of possessing whatever it is your heart wants right NOW

remember that it will be worth it to receive the blessing – and it will come eventually. Don’t give up. One day you’ll be posting a picture on Instagram or writing an update in your status about God’s answer and how much better it is than you ever imagined! Keep waiting.


6 thoughts on “Before your Blessing, First This

  1. Excellent reminder, Denise! When my kids were young, one of my nephews was always wishing for the “next thing” on the horizon. I used to remind him that he was wishing his life away instead of enjoying the moment, and of the truth that life happens while we are making other plans. But you know, just reading this has been a powerful reminder for me that at this stage of life, I can sometimes be guilty of the very same attitude as my young nephew all those years ago. I’m dealing with hard things that just have to be gotten through in God’s strength and His timing. And I want short cuts! Thanks so much for this powerful reminder today!


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