Bow Making Is Easy!

garden flag with bow

I made this flag last year.  I simply

  1. Cut the burlap to the size I wanted
  2. Frayed the edges of three sides.
  3. On the top, I turned it down and made a casing for the pole to go through.
  4. I used acrylic paint and free-handed a simple pumpkin on.
  5. I used narrow ribbon to create the monogram and attached it using hot glue.

It was a super easy project and held up in the weather really well!  The only thing that needed replacing was the bow.  Here’s a video about how I made my bows:



Here’s the finished edge of the bow:

bow points

Will you make something crafty for your fall decor?  Sometimes all you need is a fresh bow…try it!

Stay refreshed,

8 thoughts on “Bow Making Is Easy!

  1. I made a cross stitch for fall and one for Thanksgiving but I am always doing little crafty things around the house. It gives me such joy. A lady at our church taught us to make bows at a ladies meeting and now I even make them for gift packages!!


  2. You just freehanded that pumpkin. Shut up. I’m laughing just thinking about what mine would look like. LOL. Loved the video! I was amazed that you could hold the pieces of the bow in your right hand! I’d have to use my left. You’re so good. 🙂


  3. Very nice! I have tried making bows in the past but they never have come out as well as I’d have liked them to. This should be a big help! Love the idea of your burlap garden flag, too!

    And … Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful day.


  4. Well, I commented from my phone, but it must not have sent it.

    I LOVE your flag! SO cute!
    I’m excited about getting out all of my wood block pumpkins that I made for the Pinterest party last year! I didn’t really get to display them last year.


    1. Oh, I think I accidentally deleted your comment when I was attempting to Reply to it! So glad you posted it again! I loved the pumpkins from the wood blocks! So cute! I could make something for every season out of those! Pinterest party…what fun that was!


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