Handling that One Messy Corner

Everyone probably has a “problem area” in their home where things tend to get collected or a little messy.  For me, it’s the corner of my bedroom where I sit every morning and have my quiet time.  It’s easy to let that space get overloaded with books, pens, book bags, etc.  If any spot in my house should be orderly and put together, I believe it’s my Quiet Time spot!  It will only help me have an open heart to hear from the Lord each day, as well as a greater desire to retreat there!

Yesterday I looked at my Quiet Spot, and gasped!  It was a mess!  I stopped right then and took about 15 minutes to turn it from Chaotic Corner …

An embarrassing mess!

to restful residence!


In those 15 minutes:

  • I put the throw on my chair for the chilly mornings we’re having now.  It’s nice to be able to wrap it around my shoulders if I’m cool.
  • I added my recent fall magazines to the chaise lounge for times in the evening when I have a minute to peruse through their pages.
  • I also put the wooden tray on the side table to hold my coffee cup, a season Yankee candle and a vase of flowers.
  • The basket beside my chair now holds my devotional study books and  note cards.  I keep the cards there for when the Lord brings someone to my heart.  I can pick up a card right then and write it out before the thought leaves me!
    bedroom decor
  • The book bag under the side table holds my pens, highlighter and Sunday materials.  It’s ready to grab and head out the door!

bedroom table

chaise lounge

Do you have a corner you need to zoom in on and spruce up a bit?  We take time to decorate for fall, but sometimes fail to do something special to the places where we spend the most time, and the most meaningful time.  Maybe your Quiet Time Spot needs a little decorating, too!  Make it a place you love to retreat to!

Have a refreshing weekend by being in God’s house!

With love,

7 thoughts on “Handling that One Messy Corner

  1. This is so helpful, Denise! Like you, I find it’s either my quiet time corner or my needlework corner (sometimes they are one and the same) that can get cluttered so easily. It’s also the corner where I do planning and make grocery lists, etc. So I’m finding this very encouraging. It really only does take a few minutes to deal with if we just step back and look at it. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh — and if you’re interested in that recipe for Apple Crisp Pizza, I’ve now posted it on my blog. Happy Fall!


  2. Just back from the beach and catching up with everyone. My husband and I watched your tortilla tutorial( say that three times fast!) and we are all set to give it a try. You are right about our special places getting out of hand. I have two baskets that I keep near my chair in order to keep things under control. Still I have to tidy frequently.


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