The Fragrance of Friendship

I have the sweetest neighbor who has become so precious to me.  Our relationship really started to get strong about a year and half ago when I asked her if she’d like to do a four-lesson Bible study with me.  We went through these lessons and brought our conversation to the “theme of themes;” the Gospel.  She received Christ as her personal Savior on the day we finished lesson three.  Oh, the happy tears we both shed on that day!

Since then, there’s been a special connection between us.  We’re not just neighbors, we’re sisters in Christ.  We share the understanding of being forgiven by God.  We have a relationship with Christ and a purpose for each day on this earth.

She also allows me the privilege of hosting a Bible club with her children once a week, and that has been a wonderful journey!  She and I are currently going through another Bible study.  We’re talking about what the Bible says about being a godly woman. To watch the Word change her thinking and guide her as a young wife and mom, is precious.

She happens to work for Yankee Candles, so I have been the fortunate recipient of some great candles, as well as other great products they sell.  While my home is always filled with the wonderful fragrances of Yankee candles now, there’s no sweeter “smell” than the fragrance of special friends that the Lord brings across our paths. But friendships take time and effort, if they’re going to have a sweet aroma.

But you know what?  It’s often so easy for me to be selfish and self-serving, rather than giving of my time, my home and my life.  Honestly, some days I sigh and wish the whole day were mine, instead of planning for a craft activity to teach about thankfulness, or reviewing about submission so I can explain it better.  Sad, aren’t I?  But I realize that it’s my flesh and the enemy of my soul opposing me, and I cry out to my Dearest Friend, and He equips and gives me strength and the desire to serve my friend.  Phil 2:13

Sometimes friends need prayer, a meal, a card, a hug – something that requires I think of them and not myself.  That’s when the sweet smell comes wafting through.  I smell it so often from my friends – they’re so thoughtful, giving and caring!  I, on the other hand can keep from striking the match and lighting that candle of friendship, if I’m not watchful.

Friendships take effort, prayer and thought, but they’re so worth it!  Out of those relationships comes a fragrance that blesses our friend’s lives and splashes over on us as well!  Ah, what a sweet smell!

Are you faithfully pursing friendships with other women?  Someone needs you!  Who will you reach out to?

Thankful for the friendship of each of you,


One thought on “The Fragrance of Friendship

  1. What a sweet friendship…and Yankee Candles too!:) I seem to be the glue in many of my relationships. I am the one who arranges get togethers etc but I enjoy it because I do feel it is a gift from the Lord to be able to bring people together.


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