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What I’ve Done/What I’m Doing

Wow, lots of things have happened in the last week – wait, I think I said about last week, too!  It’s true, but it’s a blessing.  Each week is filled with ministry and blessings, and those two are all intertwined!  Serving the Lord is wonderful, and I am a woman that is thankful and fulfilled!

Let me tell you about some of my blessings via these pictures above.  We’ll start on the top left and go across each row.

  • Honey Spiced Glazed Pork Chops, baked sweet potatoes and peas made up supper one night.  The sauce makes a plain pork chop incredible!
  • Until you see second graders act out the pilgrim’s and Indian’s first Thanksgiving, you have not lived.  My little neighbor girl was one of the cutest pilgrims ever.  We watched her and her fellow classmates give their rendition of Thanksgiving.  Too cute.
  • Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege of serving in a leadership conference.  On Saturday afternoon during free time, we drove to the Amish Bulk store and they had their donut and pretzel truck up and running.  I tried one of the pretzels for the first time.  Oh. My.  Let’s just say I hope it won’t be my last!  I think they’re even better than their wonderful donuts!
  • I mentioned yesterday about the children I had the privilege to teach in Sunday school last week.  This is a picture I took of them while they were reading our passage together.  They all participated so well.  What a blessing they were to me!
  • I’m hosting Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow and I’m making individual cornucopias for treats and name cards.  I’ll show the end result of these little guys next week.
  • The fireplace makes for the coziest bedroom in the early morning.  My husband had the fire going for me  to enjoy during my devotions yesterday (it was 24 degrees!).  It felt soooo lovely.
  • Not pictured are all my preparations for Thanksgiving dinner and company for a couple days.  I’m having tons of fun, and I’m super excited!

That’s what I’ve done and am doing.  What are you up to these days before Thanksgiving?




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