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Christmas Cookie Baking With Children Simplified

Christmas cookies.jpgIf you haven’t baked sugar cookies with your little children yet because you kind of dread the huge mess it’s going to make, let me give you a couple tips that will ease the whole process.

  1. If you’re short on time, or if your kids are pretty young, you might want to go ahead and roll and cut out the cookies and have them already on a baking sheet. Then all they have to do is add the sprinkles and colored sugars.1217151441.jpg
  2. What? Oh, sprinkles and colored sugars will go flying everywhere? If your sprinkles are in a round tub, rather than a one with a shaker top, clean out a Parmesan Cheese jar that has the shaker lid, then pour your sprinkles into it.  You can shake the decorations out easily and also control the amount much better than using your fingers or pouring them from the tub!
  3. You could also use a jar like this, but most of us don’t have several of those just empty to use for sugar and sprinkles, so the tip in the video would be a good and also inexpensive alternative.
  4. You might want to lay a plastic table cloth or a sheet on the floor under the area where they’ll be decorating, if you don’t want to have sprinkles to sweep up.

There’s just nothing any more fun to do with children at Christmas than to bake with them. As they age, gradually give them more and more responsibility with the process. One day they’ll bring you hot cookies that you never had to help with!


Yesterday I had my two Bible Club children over and they each decorated a dozen star-shaped sugar cookies. I had also made some tiny gingerbread men before they came. After telling them the story about the three wise men following the star to the Christ child, they enjoyed a snack of three tiny gingerbread men and a star. Cameron cracked us up when he dropped a gingerbread man into his glass of milk and said, “My wise man jumped in the swimming pool!” I love that little guy!

Happy baking, friends!

Stay refreshed!


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