A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Our internet has had major issues recently, and I was unable to write a new post for today. This post is from a few years ago. I hope it will help you to refresh your pantry, but also to trust a sovereign God for your needs.


When our girls were growing up there were many “lean” years, financially speaking.  The Lord always provided for us, but we often did without special food items, or conveniences, and stuck strictly to our grocery list and immediate needs. There was no ability to stock the pantry or buy ahead while things were on sale, but I truly wouldn’t trade those years for anything.  We learned to trust the Lord and pray about everything – grocery money, doctor bills, gas, school materials – everything.  God is so faithful.  While our pantry wasn’t overflowing, we had what we needed every day. 

During those years, I learned to buy wisely. I got into a routine that I still follow today. I still look for marked down meats, milk and other products.  I coupon at Ingles, where they double my coupons up to fifty cents.  I shop at Big Lots for many grocery items.  I buy some…

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