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It’s Done!

This has been a year in coming and I still can’t believe my eyes when I look out the back windows of my house.  Are you ready for the backyard patio reveal?





Of course this will be a work in progress as we add landscape to it a little at a time, but to see the beautiful hard-scape finished is enough to make me shout and cry, and I’ve done both!

In June the area between the smaller circles will be connected with a low brick wall.  I’ll plant rose shrubs there.  The grass between the circles will remain.  Perhaps a birdbath or the like will go on the grass. Shrubbery will be added along the sides of the large circle, flowers will be border the edges.  Can you see it?  I can!  Slowly and in time it will come.

Here are a couple more pics:

patio 3

The smaller circles will be for a cafe’ table on one side and a bench on the other.  We want to have plenty of seating options for our guests.

patio 2

This patio was dreamed about as a way to really be able to utilize, for God’s glory, the huge backyard we have.  This really invites you out there!  It’s our desire to use this as a meeting place for people.  I have a fun plan for the early fall, but I’ll not share that quite yet.  =)

I hope I never forget all that the Lord has taught me as I’ve waited for the completion of this project!  Let me write a few of those here for my remembrance and your encouragement:

  • God is always at work – even when we cannot see the evidence with our eyes.
  • God can take ugly situations and make them beautiful in His way and His time.
  • His timing is always perfect.
  • His provision is always complete and beyond what I could ever do.
  • I can trust God to do the work needed in my life and others’ lives.
  • Sanctification happens one step at a time – just like my backyard project.


Trust Him dear Mom.

Trust Him single gal.

Trust Him wife.

For all the needs in your life, the Architect of your life is at work.


With praise to my God,


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