Monday Marriage Matters Recap

As my husband and I approach our 35th anniversary, I’m realizing more and more how rare it is to have the word longevity attached to the word married.  The salon where I get a pedicure usually has young women working as the staff.  As I strike up conversation with them as they work, it seems that nearly every one of them has told me they came from a divorced home.  I realize that there are lots of reasons, and lots of stories, but it doesn’t change the fact that divorce is not God’s plan or idea for marriage.

Still, marriage is hard.  Marriage can have all kinds of difficult things to deal with, but marriage matters to God, and it must matter to those who believe and live out the Bible.  Someone has to make sure that communication happens.  It takes effort and intentional thought and planning to keep the marriage thriving!

It is for those reasons that I began the #Mondaymarriagematters photos on my Instagram.  I want to encourage women to post pictures of what they are doing to make the most of their marriage.  At the end of each month I do a recap of my pictures, and today it’s time for that review!

Here’s my month of pictures for Monday Marriage Matters:


  • One Sunday evening after church, we took our meal outside to the back porch where I had turned on the white lights.  We sat on the swing and ate our simple lunch.  Afterwards we watched an episode of Andy Griffith together while cuddling on the swing.  It was romantic, simple and gave us time to unwind after a busy day of ministry.
  • We’re loving our new patio area and fire pit.  We had a fire for two one night!
  • Yesterday provided the perfect weather for a bike ride on a bike path near us.  We only rode about 5-6 miles, but we enjoyed sitting on a bench for a while.  It gave us uninterrupted time to talk and catch up after a busy weekend.  We also read Scripture together (on my husband’s phone) and then we had a time of prayer.  Sigh…what a sweet leader he is!
  • Dollywood is open for the season and we took one of our Monday’s off and spent a few hours walking through the park.  Season passes there give us a great place to get away together for the day to a place we both love.  We don’t really ride many rides when it’s just the two of us, but when you have eachother, it’s fun, no matter!

If you’re not joining us for the picture posts, I hope you’ll jump on board!  It really helps to have a little nudge to keep the romance flames burning!  Why?  Because Marriage matters!

You can follow me on Instagram at DeniseC_RefreshHer .




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