What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

Here are a couple of really great recipes I’ve posted before, but I’m reposting just in case you need a new muffin for a lunch, or a tasty supper entree for this week. Have you made either of these recently? You must! They’re two favorites of mine!


I love taco salad!  With summer tomatoes added, this is a delicious meal!  But, wow!  The calories packed into those fried taco bowls are unbelievable! In just the shell there are 310 calories and 18 g of fat!   A while back I discovered that these tortilla shells could be microwaved instead of deep fried.  They’re still flavorful and crispy without the guilt!

How good does this look?

Take the tortilla and place it into a microwaveable bowl.  Press it in a bit so it will be the shape of the bowl.

Then pop it into the microwave for 45 seconds.  Turn the bowl and test to see if it’s done – it will crisp up more as it cools!  If it needs a little more time, microwave 15 more seconds.  Remove it from the bowl and let it cool.

I made up taco mixture with beef – you could also…

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