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Clever Uses for Jars

I love finding simple organizing solutions to little frustrations in my routines. One area was cupcake liners.  It seems that once the packaging for Cupcake/muffin liners are opened, they’re history!  If they didn’t come in a hard plastic covering, I find them crumpled and useless, like our morning newspaper that didn’t make it into the box (bless our carrier’s heart!)!

However, I recently found a clever idea for storing them.

Pop them into a little jar!

muffin liners

I already had this one on hand, so I grabbed the loose and straggling liners in my cupboard and popped them into this little jar.  I love how it has dressed up my pantry shelves!

Jars have become my best friend when it comes to kitchen organization!  Look…

I also still love the jar I store Corn Starch in.  No more corn starch showers all over the counter when I’m baking!  Not sure why I didn’t do  that YEARS ago!

Other things I have stored in jars are:

  • granola
  • pastas
  • brown sugar
  • powdered sugar
  • croutons
  • pretzels
  • popcorn kernels
  • oatmeal

Whatever you have that won’t stay fresh once it’s opened is a great candidate for a jar.  Those cellophane bags for pasta, croutons, pretzels are all frustrating if you try to clip them shut.  I’ve seen jars at The Dollar Tree, Dollar General and TJ Maxx that are so affordable and they make life so much easier AND prettier!

What do you store in your jars?

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3 thoughts on “Clever Uses for Jars

      1. I keep salt and baking soda in jars. Jars make it much easier to measure those ingredients when cooking and baking!


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