Practical Ways to Have a Simple Christmas

I’m joining up with Whitney at Come Home for Comfort to share a video concerning  practical ways to have a simple Christmas.  After watching my video, you can check out Whitney’s Christmas video here.  There are lots of others who have contributed their videos with fun ideas for Christmas!  Be sure to look at this list and see what these ladies have to share – this is going to be tons of fun!


Wishing you a Simple Christmas,

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7 thoughts on “Practical Ways to Have a Simple Christmas

  1. I love love love this post. And it ties in so beautifully with your post from yesterday! I have been working on simplifying for several months, and have found that so much of it is based on the “S” and the “I” in your acrostic. Seeking Christ first- Lord, what do You want me to do next, what do You want me to get rid of, what do You want me to fix for dinner, how do You want me to spend my evening? When I’m only doing what He wants, life is so simple, and so much more peaceful.

    Ignoring the unimportant- I often say “This isn’t changing anyone’s quality of life. It’s not a big deal.” The far better thought is yours, “Does this matter for eternity? Then let it go.”

    I simplified Christmas this year and last, by asking my family what decorations they like to see put up, what cookies they want to make, etc. It made all of that SO much simpler, and everyone was happy. Everyone was also happy when un-decorating took about 30 minutes. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Amy. I loved your idea of asking your family what was important to them. I did that regarding baked goods, after I read your comment! It has already simplified my baking list! And 30 minutes to get the house un-decorated? Yowza! Fabulous!!


  2. Love this! I always read through the Christmas story in my devotions, but I love the idea of reading it at the table. I think I’m going to try and do that soon. Thank you for joining my Christmas Open House! ❤


  3. Love your blog (as well as your daughter’s) and glean so much wisdom from it. I’ve been working to simplify our Christmas for years to help ignore the unimportant. I’m trying to simplify and de-clutter our home for the same reasons. I keep hearing the term “margin” and I know God is telling me to find more. Thank you sharing for your wisdom!


    1. I find that it’s a constant battle to keep things simple and streamlined! Thank you for your sweet comments and for reading both mine and Whitney’s blogs. I’m so grateful for your encouragement!


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