Practical Ways to Have a Simple Christmas

I’m joining up with Whitney at Come Home for Comfort to share a video concerning  practical ways to have a simple Christmas.  After watching my video, you can check out Whitney’s Christmas video here.  There are lots of others who have contributed their videos with fun ideas for Christmas!  Be sure to look at this list and see what these ladies have to share – this is going to be tons of fun!


Wishing you a Simple Christmas,

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Should A Christian’s Easter Be Fun?


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Have you ever felt guilty about or slightly worried that maybe all the “fun” activities of Easter should be avoided by Christians – those who celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead?  My own heart’s answer to that is that I believe our fun should be  a reflection of the joy of the occasion!   Easter is the most joyous of days for those of us who love Christ!  So, this day should demonstrate that!

Another guideline  is that as with anything we do, it should glorify God -we must give the right opinion of Who He is.  That will determine what  I do. I wouldn’t want to participate in something that would be giving a false meaning of this wonderful day.  Let me illustrate:

The Easter Bunny has nothing to do with why we celebrate Easter, Resurrection Day, so I personally, have never been a fan.  However, an egg hunt, Chocolate treats, jelly beans and chicks are just fun (and delicious!).  They can even be used to represent new life in Christ – the whole meaning of the resurrection!

I’ve shared this in years past, but we tried to do all those kinds of things on Easter Saturday.  I mean, think about it – if you’re taking your child to Sunday school and church right after they’ve received a basket full of sugar, you’re only asking for trouble.  Your child will want to partake.  The sugar will make them hyper.  The chocolate will destroy their clothes, and then your whole Sunday will have started off on the wrong foot!  Saturday gives these activities a time to be enjoyed.  This is a great day for some family traditions – the egg hunt, the basket distribution, a special treat.

Reserving Sunday for worship and talk of Christ’s resurrection makes it a special day. This is also a great day for traditions!  Why not serve a special breakfast early that morning and read the resurrection story from the Bible?  I love these Resurrection Rolls.  They show what happened on that early Sunday morning! You could read the Scripture as you’re making the rolls together. Serve them with boiled eggs that you colored earlier in the week.

PicMonkey CollageEasterrolls
The roll is empty after you bake it, representing the empty tomb. They’re also a delicious treat!

Easter Sunday  could include inviting lost neighbors to the  church services and dinner.  What a blessing to get to share the Gospel with them!  Make a special traditional cake or treat every year.  Make it special because this is a super-special day!!!

So the answer to “Should a Christian’s Easter be Fun?” is, absolutely!  

  • Plan it out wisely.
  • Make much of Christ.
  • Take your family to a Bible preaching church where the Truth will be given.
  • Give the right opinion of God and this day in all you do.

We have so much to be joyous about, so let’s celebrate our risen Savior in a way that will reflect the delight in our hearts!

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He lives! Rejoice!



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Freshen Up Friday

Easter weekend is here!  This is my FAVORITE holiday.  Because Christ lives, I have purpose for today and hope (assurance) for tomorrow!  I trust you have that same confidence in Him!

Easter 019

Yesterday in my Bible Club, we made Resurrection rolls.  These help tell the story of the burial and resurrection of Jesus.  If you have children, this would be a fun activity to do with them as you tell the account of what happened after Jesus was placed in the tomb.  At the end of the lesson, you have a delicious treat to share together.

PicMonkey CollageEasterrolls


As we made the rolls I retold the story. Rather than making the marshmallow represent Jesus, I chose to just say, “This can help us remember…”

Pictures 1, 2 –  We used a toothpick to ease rolling the marshmallow in the butter then sugar and cinnamon.  As we put the toothpick inside, my youngest student said, “This reminds me of the thorns they put on Jesus’ head!”  Good point!  It could also remind us of the nails that pierced his hands and feet.

As we rolled the marshmallow in the spices we talked about how the women came to the tomb to place spices on Jesus’ body.

Picture 3 – When we put the marshmallow in the crescent roll dough we remembered that Joseph took Jesus’ body down from the cross and wrapped it in cloth and placed His body in his own tomb.

Picture 4 – It helps to put foil on the cookie sheet because the marshmallow will seep out and create quite a sticky mess.

Picture 5 – The roll is empty inside!  When the ladies came to the tomb on Sunday morning, it was empty! Jesus wasn’t there!  The angel reminded them that He had risen, as he said!

It would be a great tradition to serve these on Easter Saturday or Sunday morning before church!  Not only do they make a great teaching tool, they are super good!

Christ lives!  Stay refreshed,