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Why I Attend Ladies’ Retreats When I Don’t Feel Like It

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I’m going to be really open with you here – being away from home is not my favorite thing.  I’m really, completely a home-body.  I could stay within the walls of my home for a week or two and be totally content!  But there are times that I choose to push past my tendency to stay where I’m most comfortable and go places, even when I don’t feel like it.  One of those times is when Christian retreats are offered for women.  I speak at retreats, so that probably sounds really odd, right?  Let me explain:  I love it when I’m there at the retreat.  I bask in the fellowship, the teaching, the worship, the encouragement, but it’s all the stuff beforehand that I struggle with.  I’m talking about:

  • Packing
    • All those decisions!
    • All the things I have to remember to take…just in case!
    • What if I don’t want to wear that when I get there?  Better add another outfit!
  • Getting the people in my house ready for my departure.  Even though it’s now just my husband, he has needs I must consider.  When my girls were home, it was even more difficult to go away.  They weren’t always crazy about being left behind, and that was another issue that had to be dealt with.
  • Finances – It’s sometimes hard to get the funds to go.  I’d ask myself if we could afford it, but my husband would always insist that God would provide (and He always did!).
  • Fatigue – Let’s face it, weekends away are exhausting!  You’re usually up later than normal, the routine can be rigorous, and the hours of rest are few.  Did I really want to give up my sleep to go?

HOWEVER, in the last 16 years that we’ve been close to The Wilds, I can only remember a year or two that I didn’t get to go to the ladies’ retreat. I also started attending the Ladies’ Prayer Advance  two years ago.  Let me tell you why I’ve pushed forward and have gone to these retreats, even when I really didn’t feel like it.

  1. I go because I need the teaching of God’s Word that is specifically directed to women and our needs.  Last weekend there was a session for Pastor’s Wives that I needed to hear!  Two sessions I heard spoke to my role as a wife.  Still another topic was about women reaching women for the Gospel.  The Lord gave me Truth in every single message!
  2. I go because I know it will help me to grow spiritually.  Yes, I go to church each week. Yes, I read my Bible every day, but there’s something about a weekend retreat that causes decisions to be made that advance me as a child of God.
  3. I go because I need my sisters in Christ.  The fellowship, the sharing, the praying, the knitting of our hearts together will not happen at church.  It has to come from times outside worship services at church.  It comes on the van as we share our burdens.  It takes place at lunch when we talk about the last session.  It stirs in our hearts as we grasp hands and pray together.
  4. I go because I know it will make me a better wife, mom, daughter, friend, light in this dark world.
  5. I go because I remember that I have never regretted going and spending time in God’s Word and with His people.  Never.  Ever.

That’s my testimony and my heart.  Can I challenge you to consider attending a retreat this spring – or next fall if that’s when it’s available for you?  Something really special is going to happen there and you don’t want to miss out on it.  The laundry will be there when you get back.  Your family will survive without you.  No one notices what you’re wearing.  Your church group needs you there!

Boones Creek Bible Church ladies, I’m extending an invitation to you to attend the Ladies’ retreat at The Wilds April 20, 21.  Sign up before it gets filled up!

Look at your excuse and ask yourself it’s really valid?  Don’t let your enemy keep you from a blessing!

Where do you go to “retreat?”  What blessing did you receive?


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