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Family Friday – How To Pray for Your Children/Grandchildren


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When I became an adult there was a day when my mom apologized to me for the lack of “big” family vacations while my sisters and I were growing up.  It was such a surprise to me to hear her even mention that because it never entered my mind that I had missed out on anything!  We didn’t have yearly adventures at theme parks or cross-country road trips, but our family had daily/weekly worship times, family times, games, fun and a loving environment and that was enough to allow me the blessing of growing up fulfilled and more than satisfied with all that our home provided.

But I understood my mom’s heart.  Parents who love their children know that those little ones need so much. From nurturing, to physical care, education, and daily provision, there’s so much to provide for each child.  But if we are trusting the Lord for wisdom to know how to give them what they need, He will not only give to them spiritually, but will also provide everything else that is essential in their lives, just as He did in our home.

A huge part of the spiritual provision comes when we pray for our children.  As I’ve mentioned before, if we’re not praying for our children, who is? Here’s a great list of prayer requests to pray for your child, with Scriptures to use as your platform to come to God.

  • To know the Scriptures which are able to make them wise unto salvation.  II Tim. 3:15
  • To grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  II Pet. 3:18
  • To be obedient to parents. Eph 6:1
  • To be respectful to parents Eph. 6:2
  • To have a heart for God. Deut. 5:29
  • To know God and serve Him.  I Chron. 28:9
  • To hate sin. Ps 97:10
  • To understand their sin will be found out.  Num 23:23
  • To choose the right friends. Prov 13:20, I Cor:15:33
  • To say “no” to sin. Prov 1:10
  • To learn to submit to God. James 4:7
  • To have a repentant heart.  Ps 51:103
  • To be teachable. Prov 13;1
  • To be a servant to others.  Phil. 2:3,4
  • To trust God for their future mate and ministry.  Prov. 3:5,6
  • To remain pure for their future mate and future mate pure for them. II Cor. 6:18-20
  • To surrender their heart and life completely to God. Rom. 12:1,2
  • To stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. Col. 4:12

There is no greater gift you can give your child than to faithfully pray Scripture for them.  It’s bigger than Disney world, and more impacting that the view of the Grand Canyon. Also, aside from what it will do for your child/grandchild, it will also change you, and that’s something NO vacation can do!

Pray and refresh others!

Have a great weekend,

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