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Pinterest Party Success!

Last Friday I mentioned that our church was hosting our 7th Pinterest party on Saturday.  We had over 70 women, with more than half of them being visitors!  It was so much fun!  It was filled with new friends, great food found on Pinterest, fellowship, and a challenge from God’s Word.  Where would you find Pinterest in the Bible?!  Our speaker showed us!  =)  It was in all the words like, Search, Save, Follow, etc.  So good!

Then of course there was tons of great crafting!  I made only one complete craft, due to helping others with theirs, but that’s okay!  I made many new friends and had a great time!! I thought I’d share with you some of the crafts that were available for us to make.  You could make them ALL for $10!

Wood ornaments

Hip2Save | Not Your Grandma's Coupon Site

Pumpkin Garland

Make this simple yarn pumpkin garland for your fall mantel!

Salt Scrub

Two Fabulous Natural Body Scrub Recipes

Grapevine wreath with felt flowers

Beats trying that with a tomato or orange... 12 More Simple Ideas to Make Everyone Think You’re Crafty | SnarkEcards

14 inch Grapevine Wreath Burlap Yellow & Gray by BlessingsAllMine, $34.00

Cinnamon Ornaments

Cinnamon stick Christmas ornaments are easy to make, smell wonderful and make great gifts for friends and family.

Paper journals

make your own notebooks. This is awesome. Last time I wanted to make a personalized notebook, I couldn't find a design I wanted and ended up making everything from scratch. Sewing the pages and everything, totally over 8 hrs of work. This will be much easier for a little gift.

Painted Pine Cones

Delightfully Noted: Painted Pine Cones.....

Most of the crafts were super easy to put together.  I think most everyone went home with a bag full of completed projects!  This has become a favorite event of our ladies each year.  It’s so well executed and is a great tool to reach out to unchurched ladies!  I’ve blogged about it here and you can see how Christina pulls it all together.

If you’re interested in the “how-to” of any of the above crafts, you can find them on this page on Pinterest.  They’re all such cute ideas!

Pinterest is my favorite place to browse for ideas!  I’ve “pinned” LOTS of them with everything from recipes to sewing patterns, and I’ve tried many, many of them.  It’s just a great tool that saves leg work and the accumulation of books.  Anyone else love it like I do?

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Why I Attend Ladies’ Retreats When I Don’t Feel Like It

retreat group 1

I’m going to be really open with you here – being away from home is not my favorite thing.  I’m really, completely a home-body.  I could stay within the walls of my home for a week or two and be totally content!  But there are times that I choose to push past my tendency to stay where I’m most comfortable and go places, even when I don’t feel like it.  One of those times is when Christian retreats are offered for women.  I speak at retreats, so that probably sounds really odd, right?  Let me explain:  I love it when I’m there at the retreat.  I bask in the fellowship, the teaching, the worship, the encouragement, but it’s all the stuff beforehand that I struggle with.  I’m talking about:

  • Packing
    • All those decisions!
    • All the things I have to remember to take…just in case!
    • What if I don’t want to wear that when I get there?  Better add another outfit!
  • Getting the people in my house ready for my departure.  Even though it’s now just my husband, he has needs I must consider.  When my girls were home, it was even more difficult to go away.  They weren’t always crazy about being left behind, and that was another issue that had to be dealt with.
  • Finances – It’s sometimes hard to get the funds to go.  I’d ask myself if we could afford it, but my husband would always insist that God would provide (and He always did!).
  • Fatigue – Let’s face it, weekends away are exhausting!  You’re usually up later than normal, the routine can be rigorous, and the hours of rest are few.  Did I really want to give up my sleep to go?

HOWEVER, in the last 16 years that we’ve been close to The Wilds, I can only remember a year or two that I didn’t get to go to the ladies’ retreat. I also started attending the Ladies’ Prayer Advance  two years ago.  Let me tell you why I’ve pushed forward and have gone to these retreats, even when I really didn’t feel like it.

  1. I go because I need the teaching of God’s Word that is specifically directed to women and our needs.  Last weekend there was a session for Pastor’s Wives that I needed to hear!  Two sessions I heard spoke to my role as a wife.  Still another topic was about women reaching women for the Gospel.  The Lord gave me Truth in every single message!
  2. I go because I know it will help me to grow spiritually.  Yes, I go to church each week. Yes, I read my Bible every day, but there’s something about a weekend retreat that causes decisions to be made that advance me as a child of God.
  3. I go because I need my sisters in Christ.  The fellowship, the sharing, the praying, the knitting of our hearts together will not happen at church.  It has to come from times outside worship services at church.  It comes on the van as we share our burdens.  It takes place at lunch when we talk about the last session.  It stirs in our hearts as we grasp hands and pray together.
  4. I go because I know it will make me a better wife, mom, daughter, friend, light in this dark world.
  5. I go because I remember that I have never regretted going and spending time in God’s Word and with His people.  Never.  Ever.

That’s my testimony and my heart.  Can I challenge you to consider attending a retreat this spring – or next fall if that’s when it’s available for you?  Something really special is going to happen there and you don’t want to miss out on it.  The laundry will be there when you get back.  Your family will survive without you.  No one notices what you’re wearing.  Your church group needs you there!

Boones Creek Bible Church ladies, I’m extending an invitation to you to attend the Ladies’ retreat at The Wilds April 20, 21.  Sign up before it gets filled up!

Look at your excuse and ask yourself it’s really valid?  Don’t let your enemy keep you from a blessing!

Where do you go to “retreat?”  What blessing did you receive?


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Sabbatical Post #6 – God’s Perfect Plan

When our church leaders first approached my husband about giving us a sabbatical during the month of August, I immediately began praying that the Lord would give us wisdom about how to use this time.  There is so much you could do in thirty-one days; how could we decide what is best?   I knew we needed the Lord’s wisdom.

It may seem to onlookers that we have just sat around eating, and while I admit we’ve done plenty of sitting and have also enjoyed some delicious food, we have also been moving, both in body, mind and heart. However, the movement has been slower and more deliberate than when we’re in our normal routine of ministry, and each day I watched God answer that prayer of using this time wisely.  It’s reflected even in how we spent this last week.

  • We’ve both had time to read (I finished my third book of the month).  We’ve spent lengthy times in God’s Word and in prayer, both separately and together (there’s no way to speak of the value of those times!).
  • We’ve discussed future ministry days, events and changes we need to make.
  • We’ve had fun doing things we love like bike riding, driving through the countryside, finding fun little places to browse through, and…
  • spending time with family.

Our family time took us to Kentucky.  What a blessing to visit with my parents in their home, which has always been a haven for us.

We had the fun and privilege to spend Saturday with my sisters and brothers-in-law.  The day was clear and hot – perfect for riding in my brother-in-law, Tim’s boat. We anchored the boat and went swimming in Cave Run Lake, enjoyed a pasta and shrimp lunch, and visited and laughed until we cried.

That evening we had the joy of being with nearly all the rest of the family in the area as my parents hosted a homemade ice cream social.  Every time I hear of them cranking up their electric ice cream maker while I’m in Tennessee, my mouth waters and I fight a little jealousy!  But here we were, all together, people in little groups catching up, laughing and spooning the sweet cream in with the joy comparable to Christmas morning.  I think I’ll always hold the pictures of that night in my memory – Mom, the perfect hostess, offering bottles of water or Ale 8 (a local soft drink) that she’d cooled in a small copper tub of ice.  Dad, at the sink, spooning ice cream from the tall cylinder, tempting with, “have one more scoop” to all who offered their cup to him.

Nights like that don’t happen very often when you’re my age, so when they do, you press them hard into your memory where they’ll be more secure than a glued-in picture in a scrapbook.  And why am I tearing up as I write about this?  Because it has value, and because I was there, and because our church provided this time, and because my loving God allowed it all to happen in answer to my prayers to use this time wisely.  How good is my God!

After coming home, we spent the last three days close by at a place on the lake. It was the perfect completion of the rest and refreshment that our heart, minds, and bodies needed.  There was beauty, quiet, mountains, lake, cozy spots to sit and spend time with the Lord, and the ability to be apart in separate places while still being together in a lovely cottage.

Enjoy the pictures below…they’re the physical proof of all the above.  The memories in my heart are even clearer and brighter.  Enjoy!



My heart is just so full.  It was all so perfect and it came from the hands of a perfect God.  I could never have planned it all out the way it happened; He gets the glory.

If you’ve been following our sabbatical and wished you could have a time to be refreshed, I have just the answer for you!  Our church is hosting an event for ladies next weekend that will encourage and refresh you!  It takes place on Sept 9 and 10th at our church!  If you’re in the area, I invite you to join us for our Ladies’ Event. Our Theme is “When God Writes Your Story.” Carol Trahan is our guest speaker.  Carol is a Word-filled woman whose story is not what she would have chosen, but she has allowed the Lord to take the tragedies that have touched her life to refine and mold her into the image of Christ.  She exalts her Savior with her testimony of His goodness in her times of brokenness.

Friday night begins with a fashion workshop, some fun skits, then a time in God’s Word with Carol.  Saturday will be filled with helpful workshops you can choose from, and two more sessions with Carol.  The cost is only $10 and you’ll get three main sessions with Carol, two workshops, a catered lunch, and a continental breakfast! I pray you’ll come and bring a friend!  You can go here for more details!


Come be refreshed!

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It’s Time To Cry Out!

It doesn’t take much research to realize that our nation and our world is in a mess.  There is much that could discourage us when we look around us, but when we look upward, we can be encouraged!!! We can have hope!

I am so excited about an upcoming event hosted by Revive Our Hearts to do the only thing that will change our world – it’s called “Cry Out!” and the purpose of this evening is for women around the globe to be in prayer for our country, our world and our homes.

Watch this promotional video to learn more about what this is all about:

Hope isn’t as distant as it feels. It’s time to take action.

Imagine . . . hundred of thousands of women gathered in thousands of locations . . . seeking Him together . . . for such a time as this!

What could be more vital at this critical time, than for women to bow together before the God of heaven and earth and cry out to Him for mercy and supernatural intervention in our world, our nation, our churches, our cities, and our homes.

Experience the power and joy of corporate prayer as together we cry out to God to do in us and in our nation what no man-made effort can accomplish.

“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears.” (Psalm 34:17)


SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
6 – 9 P.M. CT / PT
7 – 10 P.M. ET / MT
The event will be held in Indianapolis but they are offering a simulcast for anyone to join.  My church, Boones Creek Bible Church, is going to be a host for this event in the Tri-cities area.  I was so burdened for this time of prayer when I heard about it, and I knew that God wanted us to be a part of this evening.
Our church is registered and will be on the official Cry Out map so that women in our area can come and join us in prayer.  Will you mark your calendar for Friday, September 23rd and either join us in Johnson City or register your own group where you live?

God has done it before, and He can do it again—that’s our prayer.

One evening. One heart. One cry.
“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears” (Ps. 34:17).

Will you join us as we CRY OUT?