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Breaking the Habit

“Negative Habits Every Family Should Break”  is the title of the series my husband is preaching on Sunday nights. This past Sunday night he encouraged families to get rid of disorganization. The very evening he was preaching his message, I was reminded of why it’s so important for my home to be organized.

As the service was being started, one of our very own missionaries who was passing through the area, felt led of the Lord to come to Boones Creek Bible Church’s evening service. He was by himself, due to his family being away for a few days, and so he was on no time schedule. After spotting him in the congregation, my husband had him come up and pray during the service. When our missionary guest announced how the Lord directed him to our church, and that he was on no schedule, the Lord prompted my heart that he needed to come and stay with us for the night. It was no surprise that when I talked to my husband after the service, he felt the same way. And so, our missionary friend returned to our home after the service.

As my husband was preaching, and I had been given the prompt to invite this dear man to stay with us, I thought, “I’m thankful that everything is in order at the house. I’m not going to have to go home and apologize for the messy kitchen, dirty dishes or laundry piled up on the couch. Whew!” Oh, not that my house couldn’t have used a dust rag or mop in places, but overall, it was ready for a guest to drop in.

Being organized and tidy isn’t only about teaching your children good habits and responsibility, it’s also about being prepared to be used of the Lord when He prompts your heart. There have been times that I would have resisted having a guest enter my home, trust me! But on this night I was thankful that I was prepared – not so I wouldn’t be embarrassed, but because my lack of organization would have caused my husband and me to miss the blessing of serving this servant of the Lord! It was a delight to have him in our home, and to be able to quickly obey the Lord’s leading.

So, if you look at your lack of organization and say, “It’s just my family, and they don’t care!” You’re missing the whole point. First, we’re stewards of what the Lord has entrusted to us (that includes our belongings, as well as the training of our children), and secondly it will free us up to serve others.
Paul reminds us in Galatians 5:1 – Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. I realize that he’s referring to legalism, but disorganization can also be a type of bondage that keeps us from being free.

Look around your home right now and ask yourself if you’d be good with guests stopping in. If the answer is “No way!” why not start on a path to orderliness? Perhaps you could free yourself from the bondage of disorganization by:
FlyLady cartoon

  • Check out Fly Lady’s “Getting Started” Tips
  • Determine to get rid of 7 things every single day. Put the unused items in a black bag and when it gets full discard it – Goodwill, Salvation Army, Consignment – something!
  • Read Emilie Barnes Books on organization, such as “Organizing Magic: 40 Days to a Well-ordered Home and Life

If this negative habit has been a part of your life, it’s not impossible to get rid of it! Start today and make a little progress at a time. It will be so freeing, and you’ll be ready to serve at a moment’s notice!

Would you be ready and willing to serve others today? What would it take to get you there?


6 thoughts on “Breaking the Habit

  1. Disorganization (in our homes, with our time, etc) definitely can be a bondage…and certainly, can cause us to miss many a blessing! I always enjoy your practical illustrations – such as, listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and inviting someone to be a guest in your home – and they are always an encouragement to me. Hopefully, I would be as sensitive in the same situation. Is this sermon series on line? Sounds like a very good one!

    Have a great day, Denise!


    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I’m so glad this encouraged you! This series was preached a few years back, actually, but it is on-line. It’s quite difficult to find (I tried to pull it up for you.) We’re going to work on searching for those. If I find it, I’ll let you know! It was really good!
      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!


  2. I love this post. When my home is neat and orderly, I feel so much less stress- serving is a blessing and not drudgery. I don’t keep things ready for a photo shoot, but I don’t allow things to get to the point that I’d be embarrassed if someone dropped by. We had an unexpected house guest a few years ago. A man who my husband knew through work, was travelling through our town. He got to the airport, and a snow storm came. His flight was cancelled. All of the hotels were full, the businesses were all closed, and he had a flat tire in a gas station parking lot. Not knowing what to do, he called my husband. The gas station happened to be 2 miles away. My husband invited him to spend the night at our house. In the 10 minutes it took to get him home, I was ready for an overnight guest. We put dinner in the oven, dusted his dresser, put out clean towels, and turned on some relaxing music. Because we were prepared, we were able to enjoy the unexpected blessing of serving someone in need!


    1. I love, “When my home is neat and orderly I feel so much less stress.” That also gave you the opportunity to be a blessing to a stranger. Thanks for sharing this great illustration! I bet you even had an apple pie in your freezer! =)


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