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Redecorating the Craft Room

Craft room 1a

Ever since we moved into our home I have loved having a room designated for my sewing and crafting.  This room also houses as day bed, so it has also served as a guest room on occasions.

But the room just didn’t feel right to me and I have been looking for a chance to rearrange the furniture and see if I could make it function better and feel a bit more cozy.  I got that opportunity this week, and I’m excited about the results.  Would you like to see?  I failed to take a before picture, but I do have a shot from recent months that, though you can’t see the whole room, it will give you a little idea of what it was like before.  The craft table was against the wall in the corner of the room.

Craft room aa

Now for some after shots…

Craft room 1

I wanted to make the bed the focal point.  Beforehand it was on the far right wall.  So I centered it on the longest wall in the room. I left up the paper pinwheels, but changed the wall art to something more whimsical.  I’m still trying to decide if it’s too much. Feel free to share your thoughts!

craft room 6

I love this little green chair and it’s a perfect size for this small room.  The bookshelf is accessible from the chair and could also be used to set a coffee cup on while reading.

craft room 3

I LOVE having my crafting table/desk in front of this sunny window!  It’s the perfect spot to work because it gives great light and it’s a gorgeous view!  My craft caddy is standing right next to it.  I lined the front of the drawers with coordinating craft paper so it would look neater in the room.  Seeing all the crafting supplies inside makes it look messy to me.  I did the same thing with the drawers under my table.

craft room 5

This table is for my lamp and DVD player (it’s not hooked up to cable).  The baskets on the shelf hold sewing supplies.  The boxes underneath hold craft supplies and some DVD’s to watch while I craft and sew! The butterfly print was a free printable I found on the Internet.

craft room 4

Behind the door is my bulletin board filled with vintage photos and memorabilia.

craft room 2

I’ll probably still be doing a little changing and rearranging to get this room just right, but I like it so much better already!

To me the key to decorating is to keep working at it until it feels right to you.  The room should serve its purpose well so you can access necessary items and fulfill the purpose of that space.

I got to put my space to work the very afternoon I finished it!  Here’s what that looked like…

Craft room 7

A room with a view is great – especially when it functions well and you love the space!

Do you have a space that you don’t love?  Maybe just rearranging the furniture will help! The best part is that it costs NOTHING!!

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6 thoughts on “Redecorating the Craft Room

  1. It’s a beautiful space, Denise. The desk in front of the window is perfect. I think I would leave the pinwheels above the bed and remove the picture. Maybe move the pinwheels up a tad higher or rearrange them. (That is just my opinion. I am by no means a decorator.) The cat throw rug is the cutest thing. Enjoy your space.


    1. I did remove the picture and now I love it! My little rug a favorite of mine, too. I found it at a shop that sells exclusively “Cat” items! My kitty loves it, too, and often takes naps there!


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