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Family Friday – Apply the Loving Touch


Loving touch

We’ve all done it – slammed our finger in a drawer or caused ourselves some sort of pain by a careless act.  This morning it happened to me – I was getting ready for the day and I dropped my phone onto the top of my foot. All those little bones in there began screaming for attention and I gave it! I lifted my leg and while hopping on the other foot, I pressed my hand onto my sore appendage to relieve the throbbing pain.  It really did help!  Because nothing was completely broken, the pain subsided in a matter of minutes.

Soon after that incident, I began thinking about Proverbs 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house:

but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

I got to thinking how that when there is pain, a touch is needed.  In our homes – specifically in our marriage, when we realize an area is “painful,” we need to put a loving touch there.  We need to make the choice to reach out and bring comfort.  We must be loving and tender so relief and healing can follow.  This verse reminds me that if I realize there is a need and I don’t do that, I’m actually causing more pain.

Where does your marriage “feel pain?”

  • Was there a conversation that went wrong because sinful attitudes, words and actions were used?  Apply a loving touch.  Confess your sin to God and then ask your husband to forgive you.
  • Are you out of touch with your husband because things are so busy? Apply a loving touch.  Plan a date and a time for you to reconnect.  Maybe it’s a date night – maybe a an overnight away.
  • Is there a past issue you keep bringing up that should’ve been forgiven?  Apply a loving touch and ask God to help you to forgive as you have been forgiven.
  • Are you pushing your husband away every time you feel him needing you physically?  Apply a loving touch and put his needs before your own.
  • Are you keeping from submitting to your husband in an area?  Apply a loving touch and submit as you would to Christ.
  • Perhaps you just need to stop and consider where there might be pain in your husband’s world where you could give the loving touch he needs today to make things easier to bear.  Give relief at the end of his work day.

Be the joyful woman with whom he can rejoice  and be more comfortable than anyone in the world!

Build your home today by applying the loving touch that is needed.

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