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Make the Connections


I’ll never forget the memory of riding in the car with my sisters and parents when I was a child. My parents were in the front seat of the car on our way to or from errands, and my two sisters and myself were seated in the backseat.  We took turns sitting on “the hump,” as we called it.  It was the middle seat, the one not quite as comfortable as the other two, but a seat, nonetheless.  As we traveled through town, one of us might speak up and ask where we were going, or perhaps request a stop at an ice cream place or White Castle Burgers.  Then as my dad drove, we were watchful.  We knew that if he turned his blinker on to go that direction, we were headed for a frozen treat.  If he turned that way we were stopping for lunch at White Castle, and if he stayed this way we were headed home – perhaps to something even better!  After we asked, we learned to watch our father’s movements – a turn on of the blinker or a change into a turning lane, to see the fulfillment of our request!  How wonderful it was to anticipate what he was going to do, then many times see him fulfill our greatest desire.  He was usually silent about the plan, but we knew He loved us and would make a right choice, based on that love.

When you and I go before the Lord, we need to do the very same thing.  After we have prayed and placed our requests before the Lord, we must get up off our knees, and connect the things that happen next with what we have just prayed.  We need to be on the lookout for God’s movements. Sometimes He makes a turn; connect it – He has a different plan.  Sometimes He turns things in the direction we were praying; it’s a fulfilled plan.  Then other times He is silent; and we must wait and trust.

All the while, we need to keep praying, and then connecting what happens next, if we truly want His will.  It may take us a direction we hadn’t planned, but He is our Father,  He loves us, and He will do what is right, based on that love.

As you have connected the next thing that happens after you pray, what have you seen the Lord do?

4 thoughts on “Make the Connections

  1. Thank you for this Denise. I have laid the desires of my heart before God, but I have felt frustrated and angry that he is silent or only what I see as trivial developments.

    If I trust that he loves me as you describe,then I must be serene in this knowledge despite my impatience. I think I will copy this post in my journal so I may re-read it.

    How very fortunate your daughters are to have had this secure knowledge that their parents loved them and planned for their best. I didn’t have this, it makes an eternal difference.

    Thank you,

    Ann Marie


    1. I’m sorry you didn’t have this kind of paternal love, Ann Marie, but I assure you, God loves you more than any earthly father ever could. If you’ve never received His Son as your personal Savior, that’s where Him meeting your needs begins. Call on Him to save you if you haven’t. Knowing Him as OUR Savior is the first step to a life of relationship now and forever in heaven. I’m praying for you, friend. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


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