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Creating a Home You Love

A home that’s filled with light, color and beauty is just…inviting.  It shouldn’t be our goal to have a beautiful home so it can be a show-piece, but so we can have a place to demonstrate the love of Christ to others, to open our doors and invite the lost to share a meal, hear the Gospel and know that we love them too.
It’s with that goal in mind that I share some things I’ve learned in recent years about decorating, so keep this goal in your thoughts as you read on. When I got married over 30 years ago and set up housekeeping, my design style was mish-mash.  I wasn’t sure where I was headed or what kind of style I liked or wanted, and it was very evident!  At one time, I had deep mauve in the living room, yellow in the den, and purple in the master bedroom!  Ahhhhhh!  What was I thinking?  It was like walking through a Fun House at the carnival!  I don’t claim to have it all together now, but I think I’m finally learning what colors I love (red, yellow and light blue ) and the styles I favor (Shabby Chic/French Country).  At least I have a goal for which to strive!

I had the blessing some time ago of attending a design class at Gracious Designs in Jonesborough, now Noelle.  The title of the class was The Top 5 Design Tips. I learned many good suggestions that really helped me.  These pictures aren’t peeking inside my home, of course, but they show good examples of what I learned.  I hope you get something here that will inspire you as much I was inspired!

Notice how your eye travels up and down on the mantle, creating the “W” effect.

Picture from Country Living

1.  Layer

  • Use different finishes such as matte and shiny.
  • Balance shapes – Use round plates or mirrors on the wall to break up the rectangular shape of the room.
  • Vary heights and dimensions on shelves or mantles.  Create a “W” when placing items.

2.  Wash the room in light

  • Create layers of light –
  • Overhead lighting
  • Floor lamps
Better Homes and Gardens

Wall sconces or candle sconces

    • Lamps – These are the jewelry of the room – don’t feel like you have to match them
    • Place lamps on the floor under a table
    • Mood lighting
      • Light sticks – these are branches with little lights on them.  I’ve found them at TJ Maxx and lots of other places!
      • Candles – Don’t match tapers
      • Lanterns

3.  Soften hard surfaces

  • Use runners and fabric pieces
    • Scrunch them
    • Tie them in the middle and allow to drape off-center
  • Add florals and greenery
Better Homes and Gardens

4.  Scale – Relationship between objects

  • Tabletops – Any vertical piece should have something on it that is at least 1/2 as high
  • You usually can’t go with something too big
Little tip – Use books to stack under an item to make it taller.
Books are a great decorating tool!
Picture from Country Living)

If something seems off, the object is probably too small


5.  Color
Yellow with red and brown accents.
(Picture from Country Living)


Have a 3-Color story in each room

    • 60% of a color you LOVE
    • 30% of a 2nd color
    • 5-10% of a harmonious color – Bring a new color in in 3’s – This color can be according to the season
  • Create a color story in your home
    • Try to keep within the same color families

As our class at Gracious Designs ended, our hostess reminded us that our homes take time to become what we really desire.

“One day you’ll walk in and find that your home is a place you’re really glad to come home to,” she said.

Hmmm, that’s really how I feel about my home .  It’s not a Country Living home, but it’s where I love to be and it’s becoming more of what I love each day.

“Thank you, Lord for home – a place to come home to and a place to bring others to You.”

What do you love about your home or what are you desiring to change?


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