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Creating a Home You Love

A home that’s filled with light, color and beauty is just…inviting.  It shouldn’t be our goal to have a beautiful home so it can be a show-piece, but so we can have a place to demonstrate the love of Christ to others, to open our doors and invite the lost to share a meal, hear the Gospel and know that we love them too.
It’s with that goal in mind that I share some things I’ve learned in recent years about decorating, so keep this goal in your thoughts as you read on. When I got married over 30 years ago and set up housekeeping, my design style was mish-mash.  I wasn’t sure where I was headed or what kind of style I liked or wanted, and it was very evident!  At one time, I had deep mauve in the living room, yellow in the den, and purple in the master bedroom!  Ahhhhhh!  What was I thinking?  It was like walking through a Fun House at the carnival!  I don’t claim to have it all together now, but I think I’m finally learning what colors I love (red, yellow and light blue ) and the styles I favor (Shabby Chic/French Country).  At least I have a goal for which to strive!

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Home Project – Wall Decor, Creating Balance

I guess it’s pretty common for homeowners to make improvements in their homes in spring and summer.  The weather is perfect for it, and we have lots of daylight in which to work.  As I mentioned last Friday, like many others, I’ve done several projects in my home, and this week I thought I’d share one with you each day.  We’ll start with a simple one – a wall hanging.

This spring I showed you a little arrangement that I was working on in my living room.  I used a very inexpensive frame found at Goodwill, and changed it to make a whole new look.  You can find that post here.  When I posted it, it wasn’t quite complete, and I promised that when I finished it I would show you what I had done.  So today I’m going to give you a peek at the completion of that project.

Here was the unfinished grouping I hung next to the fireplace –


Because of what was on the other side of the fireplace wall, I needed another something to balance it out, but I didn’t know what!  Then I came across this wreath tucked away and knew it was perfect!


wall hanging.jpg

It gave just the right amount to balance out the large picture on the opposite wall, plus it added a little softness to the harsh lines of the wooden frame and Scripture verse.

I must have tried a half a dozen different items before I landed on that wreath, but when I held it up there, I knew immediately that I liked it!  Sometimes you just have to keep trying different items – pictures, mirrors, shelves, clock or wreath before you find what is perfect for a space.  But you’ll know it when you find it!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the whole wall, and another bigger project that was recently completed!

Do you have a project you’re working on at home, or is there one you need to tackle?  Why not put it on your list and whittle away at it before summer is over?

Refresh your space,

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Creating Vignettes in Your Home

vignette 2a

Last weekend when my daughter was here visiting, she took a picture of a vignette in my kitchen and posted it on Instagram.  As I looked at that photo, I realized that those little areas are really some of my favorite places in my home. Vignettes are  cozy little groupings that help tell my story, as I mentioned here.

Today I thought I’d walk you through my home and share some of those vignettes with you and then tell you how I go about creating those “visual stories.”

vignette 1

Using an odd number of items in a grouping is suggested by the experts (of which I am NOT!).  I just play with it until I like the way it looks.  Often that means doing and re-doing it!  You should also use items that are similar.  In this grouping, they are all items that are kitchen related – apples, tea pot, platter.

vignette 2

Different textures should be present – shiny candle holder, rough wood, silk leaves.

vignette 3


vignette 4

Pictures of family are part of my story that I like to include in my groupings.  When you look at the vignette above, you realize that without the fabric inside the tray, it would be all the same texture.  The cloth napkin softens it, as does the greenery.

vignette 5

Each part of my mantle has little vignettes that all work together.  They should be the same “theme” so they flow.

vignette 6

This is a shelf over the guest bed.  The setting for a grouping doesn’t just have to be a tabletop.  The top of the fridge, a bookshelf, or even a window ledge are all places where you can create a grouping.  Vary the height of the objects you use, as well as the depth.  Lining up everything in a row on that shelf wouldn’t have the same affect.

I love to change those vignettes all year long, but I try to keep in mind those key elements:

  • Use an odd number
  • Carry the theme
  • Vary texture
  • Vary Height and depth
  • Tell my story

I hope that inspires you to create some little areas in your home that create  homeyness and tell your story!

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