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Family Friday ~ Rendezvous Moments

Some years ago my family had pictures taken by a wonderful photographer. We  spent the morning having our pictures taken at a location near us, as well as in our own backyard (such is the one posted here).

The photographer told us to bring whatever props we wanted in the picture. We rode our bikes, added Alli’s guitar, a bike basket with daisies, and an old quilt. I also created a little scene in our yard with my things to make a beautiful backdrop for the pictures.

The pictures, were, of course loaded onto Facebook so we could share them with our family and friends. The comments they generated were interesting. One friend said, “It’s like capturing a secret rendezvous. You all had some really great shots and no doubt you enjoyed every minute of this.” A great part of that was that the photographer, but the other thing I thought was, “We have little ‘rendezvous’ all the time.”

One secret to a great marriage is taking advantage of moments to have a secret get-away. It might just be literally a moment, but you must seize it when you can.

I recall a night my husband and I attended an outdoor concert. We listened to most of it from our car. A cool breeze blew through the windows. We could hear the music perfectly, and we had a good seats! While sitting there, my husband took my hand, and with clasped hands our fingers “swayed” with the music.  It was a rendezvous moment.

You can also have a moment between the two of you in a crowd. Catch his eye from across the room, and give him a look that he understands. It says, “I love you” or “You look handsome over there!” There have been many times that we’ll be at a restaurant and a love song that’s special to us will come on and there will be a little hand squeeze under the table that no one else sees while conversation is going on with our dinner companions.

Have a rendezvous moment over a cup of coffee shared early in the morning before the rest of your family is awake or after the children are tucked in bed at night.

Let your husband have a moment even while he’s away from you. I read recently that you can buy “Lunch box Love Notes” at Michael’s Craft Store. Stick a note like that on the steering wheel, in his Bible, or his lunch. By leaving a note like that you’re creating a rendezvous without even being there!

It’s so important to make these little deposits into your marriage on a daily basis. Without them, days would blur together and make months without any special love developing between you and your spouse. Take time today to enjoy a special little rendezvous moment and see what happens in your marriage!

Refresh your marriage with a rendezvous!

Let me take a minute to invite any of you near Johnson City, TN to our church’s Ladies’ Fall Refresher, September 7, 8. Reba Bowman is coming to be our speaker.  You can go to this site and scroll down until you see her name.  You can listen to one of her sessions from a former event.  There will be five different workshops on a great variety of topics.  The whole event is only $10! I invite you to join us. We would love to have you or your church group! Here’s the announcement that will guide you in making a reservation.

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