A Surprising Discovery

Have you ever discovered something that was in a totally unexpected place?  I know the (embarrassed) feeling! A discovery was made years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.  You can hear my story in the video below.


Keeping my kitchen drawers cleaned out is a regular chore for me now, but I pray that the spiritual lesson it taught me will be even more ingrained in my life so that nothing will get “swept into” my heart that will break my fellowship with God.

Do your spiritual life a favor and check your heart.

Did you check your silverware drawer?  How was it?

Do you daily set a pretty table for supper?  

Refresh your heart by guarding it carefully,

denise a

7 thoughts on “A Surprising Discovery

  1. What an encouraging lesson! I just cleaned my silverware drawer out last week and have always wondered where those crumbs come from! Oh, and the only utensil I used to leave out of the place setting (on ordinary weeknights) when my kids were younger was the spoon because anytime they saw the spoon at their setting, they immediately assumed I was serving a dessert that night! 😁


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