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Four Things I’m Loving!

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From cleaning products to make-up, here are four things that I’ve discovered recently and am enjoying so much I thought you might like to know about them!

  1. Bona Floor Mop – I’ve used a Swiffer on my floors for years, but after a couple of years’ use, putting pressure on the mop caused the handle to snap, sending me on the search for a replacement.  When I found the Bona Mop at TJ Maxx, I Googled it and found good reviews.  I’m so glad I bought it!  I like it way better than the Swiffer!

The base of the Bona is wider, covering more floor space.  It has a cloth mop (that was in the washer when I snapped this pic) that really cleans and means I don’t have to keep buying the mop covers like the Swiffer mop.
The spray bottle really cleans the hardwood nicely and it doesn’t take a lot to do a good job.  The Swiffer didn’t stay wet for very long, which was frustrating, so I’m loving that I can apply more cleaner when necessary, but again, a little goes a long way!  This is not sponsored, this is just a  great tool!!

2. Blinds Cleaner – When my sister and I cleaned my parent’s house last week, she brought a cleaner like this for their blinds.  It made the job so much easier!  You can remove the cloth pads and throw them in the washer after you’ve finished!  This one that I found afterwards even has bristles on the other end to clean out the window sill. Handy-Dandy.


3. Bargain Hunt –  Like Big Lots, this is a store that has the leftovers from other stores. I see lots of Target brand things there.  This cute little pink decanter was from the $3 bin at Target Dollar Spot.  I paid $1.75 for it and knew it would be perfect for my make-up brushes!  I love it! They have things in every department from furniture to clothing and everything in between!  It is indeed a hunt, and things aren’t neat and tidy, but if you love a bargain, you will probably find one here!


4. Bare Minerals Foundation – I’ve heard about this for years, but never thought it could really cover my skin adequately – it’s powder after all!  How could that be a coverage like liquid foundation?  I found this at TJ Maxx (my go-to store for everything!) for 5.99!  I love it.  I think for my aging skin it’s better than a heavy creamy foundation.  It gives a light coverage that is perfect!  I hope I can keep finding it at TJ Maxx.  The store that had this container had a section of Bare Mineral products.  It didn’t seem random, so I’m hopeful!


There you have it!  I hope you’ll find one or more of these suggestions helpful!

What have you recently discovered that you’re enjoying?

Refresh yourself this weekend by attending a Bible believing church!  Be there.  Serve there.  Love there.

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8 thoughts on “Four Things I’m Loving!

  1. How exciting to find that foundation at TJ Maxx!! I can sometimes find my favorite day cream there for half the price I pay at Target, so I’m always looking for it. I need one of those blind cleaners, too. That’s my least favorite chore of all time.


    1. Yes, I was so surprised to come across the Bare Minerals there! Not sure if I just wasn’t looking for it before or if they just started carrying it. I’m glad you can find your cream there, too! And concerning the blind cleaner…can we say that cleaning the blinds in 1/3 the time is a stroke of genius?! I think so!! =)


  2. I am so excited. We have a new Big Lots store not too far from my house. Haven’t had a chance to go browsing in there yet but I will soon. Thanks for sharing all of your goodies.


  3. I will definitely look for the blind cleaner! I really need to go to T J Max – it is just not convenient from my house.


  4. I’m so glad to see your recommendation for the Bona mop! I’ve had the same issues with the Swiffer but didn’t know what to try next. This Bona sounds perfect!


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