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Twelve Things I Do to Keep My Marriage Strong


Hilarious, picture, right?!  Bear with me – I’m reminiscing!

I can still remember the day of our wedding rehearsal on June 19, 1981.  We were so excited about our wedding that would following on the next evening!  The rehearsal for the second best day in my life (the first being my salvation!) was a really special occasion!

This was in the era when rehearsals were a pretty big deal – you dressed up pretty nice, went to the church and learned when to come in, where to stand, when to hold hands, when the vows would be repeated and when it was time to run down the aisle together!

After our rehearsal concluded, I clearly remember my husband’s aunt and uncle marching down the aisle together like their nephew and his fiance had done just moments before.  The uncle laughed and declared that it only seemed a few years ago since their June wedding.  In reality it had been a quarter of a century or more.  They seemed old to me.  They seemed like they had been married f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  I remember thinking it was a little silly for him to say such things.

As Dale and I get ready to celebrate 38 years this week (the 20th), I must apologize to his uncle!

I get it now.

It truly seems impossible that we’re on the other side of 25 years and creeping up on 40 years of marriage!  How can it be possible?  But it’s true.  We have less years in front of us than we do behind us, and that makes tears sting in my eyes as I write it.

Oh, how I want to remember that truth every single day.  We can’t take a day for granted – no matter if we’ve been married 38 years or 38 days.

Here’s what I am striving by God’s grace to do to keep my marriage fresh, appreciated and strong for the years we have left…

  1. Pray daily for Dale.
  2. Keep my own heart tender in the Word and prayer.
  3. Keep short accounts of wrongs done.
  4. Say, “I’m sorry.”
  5. Always kiss goodnight.
  6. Keep reading about marriage so I can be challenged about my thinking and actions.
  7. Think on the blessings of Dale and let go of the irritants.
  8. Appreciate his help at home.
  9. Notice the kindnesses – He opens the door for me at the car and any building we enter, he carries anything that weighs more than a feather, and watches over me so lovingly.
  10. Keep from speaking negatively about him to our girls or anyone else.
  11. Be his greatest cheerleader in all that God calls him to do.
  12. Be positive about his ideas and suggestions. 
Memories from this past year.  We’re still having fun!

Having a happy, fulfilling marriage is possible with the Lord’s help!  Keep working at it every day!  It’s so worth the effort!

I’ll try to mention this again on Friday, but if you’ve never listened to the radio broadcast on Saturday on WHCB, this would be a good Saturday to listen at 3:45.  I have a guest speaker – Carol Anne Clemons, a young woman who was widowed very soon after the birth of her first son, Asa.  I had the blessing of having her share her testimony on the broadcast that will air in three parts, beginning this Saturday.  You won’t want to miss it.  Be sure to have a kleenex nearby.  Her story is precious and God-honoring and it will remind us all not to take one day of marriage for granted.

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6 thoughts on “Twelve Things I Do to Keep My Marriage Strong

  1. ”If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” – Winnie the Pooh


  2. This touched me so, we have 37 years and my husband looks after me as yours does and I feel so very lucky. It is such a wonderful thing to have in life. Thank you for sharing. 🌷


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