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Ways to Refresh Your Daily Life

Weeks can be long and days so busy that we feel stressed and strained by Friday. Maybe you’ve come through a tough one with school beginning, or your job or home responsibilities.  My life stays on the go, too, so I try to find ways to have little moments of refreshment that help me stay charged and not overwhelmed each day.

The first way I do that is time in God’s Word and prayer each day.  Without it, I’m literally running on Empty! Right now I’m reading through the Bible in a year.  I also study our Sunday lesson -currently Mark.   Then I try to find little ways to have some bright spots in the week.  Sometimes those times are planned; sometimes they’re pleasant surprises!

Here are ways I refreshed myself last week that could also encourage you!  Let’s start with the surprise!

  1. Meet a new friend!  A sweet blog reader was in the vicinity on vacation and stopped in to our church for the morning service! How special it was to meet her and her sweet family!  You can’t imagine how encouraging it was to me to meet someone who follows my blog and hear that it helps her in some small way!  Thank you, Beth, for making my week!!!
    How could you meet a new friend?  Sign up for a Bible study?  Go visit a neighbor you haven’t met? Introduce yourself to a woman who’s been attending your church?  A new friend is a blessing!  Why not take the initiative?
  2. Invite friends over and whip up a new treat!  

    Refreshment treat
    I invited a church family over Sunday night and pulled out the Ginger Molasses Cookies I had in the freezer and made ice cream sandwiches out of them.  Homemade cookies elevate ice cream sandwiches to a whole new level! Check my Instagram feed today and I’ll show you another version I made that were my favorite!
    Who could you invite over for games and dessert?

  3. Go bargain shopping.  I visited a local consignment shop, Becca’s  and kept my eye open for the color tag that was 50% off.  Then I found this brand new Ralph Lauren top with the tags still on it!  I can’t imagine anyone paying $70 for a cotton top, but I sure didn’t mind paying $7!!!! It went great with a skirt I already had –  which was another consignment purchase I’d made earlier this summer. You just can’t beat a great deal!
    If you’re need an item, try finding it at a consignment shop, Goodwill, yard sale, or on clearance.  Try to set a price limit and see if you can beat that!

    Refreshment Bargain 1

  4. Get some fresh air!  I love working in the yard, so that’s my go-to activity at home.  I harvested my herbs this week, with plenty still growing in the raised beds.
    Whether it’s yard work, biking, walking or just sitting on your front porch, get outside and enjoy the beauty of the day or evening.

    refreshment garden

  5. Do something creative that you love to do.  For me, that’s drawing or lettering on my chalkboards.  I did this chalkboard before Apples of Gold last week when our lesson was on Loving your husband.
    What creative outlet do you enjoy?  Sewing?  Baking?  Painting?  Quilting?  Drawing? Fluffing the decor in your home? Allot yourself a little time to do it and see how energizing it is.

    refreshment chalkboard

Refresh yourself so you can be at your best!  What refreshing thing will you do??

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4 thoughts on “Ways to Refresh Your Daily Life

  1. It was so wonderful to meet you and your husband. God spoke to us in such specific and detailed ways that day that I know it was His plan for us to be there. Boones Creek Bible Church did such a wonderful job of making us feel welcome and at home that we couldn’t help but feel refreshed😊 May God bless you and your husbands ministry and remember as long as you keep blogging I will keep reading!


    1. The Lord always knows what we need; how I praise Him that He used the ministry at our church to encourage you and your family!
      Thank you, dear friend, for reading faithfully and also for encouraging my heart so much by your visit! Come back any time you’re in the area!! So thankful for you!


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