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Re-purposing Dollar Tree Finds

There are few You Tube channels that I watch or follow, but I love Do It On a Dime!  Katherine’s channel is fun, inspiring and also full of brief videos.  If you’re not following her, you need to check out her channel!

This week she posted a video about re-purposing a couple of Dollar Tree finds.  She inspired me to give it a whirl.  Here’s what I did with mine ~

I started with these two Buffalo Checked signs:


I popped them apart, cutting the checked part away ~


Using hot glue, I assembled them into a box, keeping the checked part on the bottom (the the plain cardboard was inside the box).  I reinforced the inside with some strong cardboard I had on hand.  I then painted the whole inside black.


I pieced the leftover checked pieces for the sides of the box and painted any raw edge with the black paint.




I’m not super good at re-purposing, but Katherine’s eye gave me a little vision of what I could do!  If you’re interested in trying one similar  to mine, but aren’t too crafty, go check out the video!  Katherine’s was much easier because she didn’t reconfigure the pieces, but I wanted the thankful part to be seen, so I was willing to do more than a 5 minute craft.

By the way, though I’m not ready for fall yet, this is the time to purchase these cute items before they’re gone!

Refresh your Dollar Tree finds by re-purposing something fun for fall!

Do you find it easy to re-invent items?

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9 thoughts on “Re-purposing Dollar Tree Finds

  1. What a nifty idea! I can see I don’t spend enough time at the Dollar Tree!

    I can often think of a way to reinvent things. Years ago someone gave me a bag of fabric samples (they were curtain samples from Family Dollar, I believe) and my granddaughters and I made several of them into hot mats for the table. I still have some of those samples, and I’m thinking I will get them out and see what can be done with them!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Denise. I did check out the Do It On a Dime video. Her creation is cute but I really like your version. Now I am wondering if that is something I could do????


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