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Touches of Fall Decor

Call it age, call it lazy, but I’m changing my game this year with my fall decor.  Instead of spreading fall leaves, pumpkins and corn stalks everywhere (well I never have spread corn stalks everywhere,  but for the sake of making my point I’ll add them!), I’m choosing to make a few groupings.

Here’s a peek ~

The living room touches:

fall 1

A little touch in the kitchen.  Remember my Dollar Tree box I made using the two signs?


I set the dining room table in fall decor for a luncheon I had a few weeks ago ~

fall table 2
I love the turquoise and gold together on the table!

Look how it sets off the food so beautifully…

fall table 4

Then outside at my mailbox ~

This mum came back from last year.  It’s a whopper, isn’t it?  I’m loving it! It’s going to be stunning in a few days! I may add some real pumpkins in a week or so, but for now I think the flowers speak for themselves!

fall 4

I had the blessing of being in upstate New York last weekend where the colors were just beginning to turn.  It made me excited for fall to come to the south!


I’m still changing what you see here.  Simplicity is what I’m longing for and maybe you saw a book here that is inspiring me in that direction?  I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out!

Do you decorate your home for fall?  If so, do you go all out or do you add only a few touches?

denise a

12 thoughts on “Touches of Fall Decor

  1. Very nice. I love to decorate for the seasons, but I have chosen to simplify with fall groupings/touches this year, much as you have. I have a wooden tray that I love making seasonal arrangements on – for fall I have it filled with pumpkins, gourds and leaves along with a cute fall sign. I have fall candles and a few pumpkins of various fabrics and heights on my mantle, and a fall floral and leaf basket arrangement in the dining room, among other things.


  2. Your table is just beautiful! Love it! It doesn’t feel like fall ’round these parts. Just today I put some of my shells up and brought out just a few touches.


    1. It’s been in the high 80’s here all week, so I totally know where you’re coming from! I keep thinking that cool weather will last a long time, so I’m trying to just enjoy the sunny warmth! 🍁


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