Miniature “Cutie Pies”

The only thing better than a big pie is a personal one! As in, it’s ALL yours!

That might sound excessive, but it really isn’t because it’s a miniature one, made in the lid of a canning jar. Not only are they adorable in their miniature state, they’re also practical and can be suited to each person’s taste.

For our last Apples of Gold class, we rolled these mini pies out! It was so much fun, and a delicious ending to our six weeks’ discipleship!

(I’m posting this from a place that has no cell service, so if the photos aren’t posting check back later!)

We made up a recipe for a regular two crust pie, and gave 11 or 12 of these mini pies. Placing them in a canning jar lid makes it very easy to pop them out, as though they were in a springform pan. After they’re baked, you simply push up on the ring and they come out so easily!

We made Kentucky Derby Pie and Blueberry Pie. We simply divided the filling. They take the same amount of time to bake as a large pie.

It was as much fun to decorate them as it was to eat them… well almost! 😉

Ready for the oven.

The bakers, getting ready to enjoy the fruit of their labor…

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this might be an idea for you to tuck away for your dessert buffet!

Happy (mini) baking!


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