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S’More Group Date Night Idea

The perfect S’more Date night weather is finally upon us!  My husband and I invited couples from church to come over for a date night that we called, “Amore’ S’mores.”  The temperatures were perfect, the skies were clear, and the fire felt really good when the sun went down!  Let me share with you the events of our fun group date night!

The night’s menu ~

I had all the “normal” s’more ingredients – chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows, but to mix it up a bit for the more adventurous ones,

I also had other kinds of candy bars, including Reese Cups and Mounds Bars. I placed a package of wet wipes on the table to help deal with the stickiness of melted marshmallows!

I poured the marshmallows into a large mouth container for easy access.

For a variation  on graham crackers I also had Ritz crackers for those that might like the sweet/salty taste.  Then I also offered waffle Cones so they could pile the ingredients inside and also add fresh berries! This version is best eaten with a spoon!
I had a cooler filled with water bottles and we also made  a pot of coffee. It was perfect for the cool evening!

We had skewers for marshmallows and a couple of the sandwich holders…

which I used to toast my foil-wrapped waffle cone.  Here’s the result…


We met at 7:00 – time for the sunset.  The sun sunk low and the moon began to rise high over the house.



The night’s events ~

The couples that attended ranged from two years to sixty years of marriage!  I loved the fact that the couple who has been married 60 years would make the effort to be there!  When I thanked them for coming, the husband said, “We’re not too busy to date!”  Could this be one reason their marriage is still so strong??!!

When we first gathered, my husband had each couple give a brief synopsis of how they met and fell in love.  It was fun to hear each story.

The next thing everyone did was to use their spouse’s initials to come up with three words that would describe them.  For example, my husband’s initials are DWC.  I said he is a

Disciple of Christ,
Winsome, and my

It made everyone really stop and think about their spouse.  It brought some Awww’s, winks between couples, and lots of encouragement!

S’more time was next.  Yum!  Everyone made their own variety.



The Night’s Challenge ~

After eating, my husband shared a challenge for each marriage represented, making an acrostic with the word S’more.

S – Switch it up!  Do things differently.  Don’t get into a rut.

M – Make a memory.  Create times together that will create special memories between the two of you.

O – Organize.  Plan events.  Dates won’t randomly happen – you must plan it.  Organize your calendars and get some dates and events scheduled. Dating is an intentional outing to make an investment in your marriage. 

R – Reach out and touch .  Hold hands.  Bring back the art of touch.  Reach across the table and hold hands.  Pray holding hands.  Ban the peck!

E – Enjoy each other.  Proverbs 5 says to rejoice with the wife of your youth.  Marriage is made to be enjoyed!  Don’t put it on the back burner!!


We sat around the fire for quite a while chatting and also sharing some of our favorite date night ideas.

It was such a fun evening that i hated to see it end!  My heart was full from the fellowship, the sweet treats, and the encouragement to each marriage represented!

I pray that this will give you the inspiration to have a group date night around your fire pit, campfire, or even a charcoal grill!

Refresh some marriages around a fire!

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